Sojung Pyeon

Round Tray


Round Tray


Round tray, which features the unique textures of the cloth, is made of two different colors. It can be used as a one-person tray, and tray for tea table, and can also be used as a plate.

Sojung Pyeon's lacquerware is made using traditional lacquer techniques and her own unique coloring technique called 'stamping'. Linen cloth and red clay are covered the wooden form 12 times for its usability and durability, and two or more colors are combined to express her own color. 

It is also made light and solid considering its practicality, making it easy to clean, and it is especially useful for putting raw foods such as sashimi as it is a strength of lacquer.

Material : Natural Lacquer, Cloth, Red Clay, Paper, Wood

Size : 31.5 x 31.5 cm H 1 cm (330g) 

Made in Korea


Caring Information

1. It is recommended to clean with a soft cotton cloth or sponge and then use a soft cloth to remove moisture.
2. Soaking in water for a long time may cause deformation.
3. Do not put in a microwave oven, dishwasher, oven and other heating appliances.
4. Exposure to light for a long time can cause color distortion, so please be careful not to overlap each other when drying in a bright place.
5. Strong impacts might occur damage.


Shipping Information

Usually takes more than 2 to 4 weeks to produce

Please enquire us about the detailed information.



Sojung Pyeon
Lacquer | South Korea

Sojung Pyeon, a lacquerware craftsman who enjoys showing color in various way by using material called "Lacquer", explores modern aesthetic lacquerware using traditional techniques and her own coloring techniques. Through matching various different colors, she tries to show modern aesthetics of lacquerware.

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