Sungwook Park

Pyeon White Forest 120401


Pyeon White Forest 120401

Pyeon White Forest 120401
Buncheong and Iron Plate
40 x 120 cm

Sungwook Park's ‘White Forest Series’ are works that filed with sintered pieces of similar sizes and color in rectangular frame of wood or metal. Each pieces have similar sizes and shapes, but they have different colors depending on base color of the clay and the type fo pigment, and different texture depending on the degree of contraction of the clay. Numerous sculptures, each hand-shaped and overlaid with englobe, acquire a clear order by repeating similar but not identical elements.

Made in Korea

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Sungwook Park
Ceramic | South Korea

In the artwork of Sungwook Park, we can read his interest in 'harmony'. Harmony is the value that he consistently conveys through the material, process and subject of the work. He completes the work by arranging each ceramic pieces in a  constant arrangement.

The numerous objects created at the hand of artist Lee repeat elements of similar sizes, shapes and colors, forming a unified objects in a unified arrangement. His artwork, which gives a clear order to various objects and express changes and flexibility in a fixed form, reminds us of the society of people who coexist by forming organic organizations and sharing goals or lives.

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