Neungho Lee

Peony Parted Plate


Peony Parted Plate


Peony parted plate is inspired by the simplified shape of peony flower. It can be well used as a personal side plate or barware plate that can serve various snacks or foods all together. Also you can style your table with peony plate and peony parted plate of Neungho Lee together. It can be made in 2 colors, black glazed and white porcelain. So it can be mix matched with each color. 

Neungho Lee usually uses mixed white porcelain that features unique and beautiful textures of clay.

Shapes are all different, so please enquire us about the detailed shape.

Material : Glazed Ceramic

Size : D 25.8 H 2.3 cm

Made in Korea

Care Information

1. The glaze marks on the surface are a natural phenomenon that occurs in the kiln firing process. Each work may have different glaze marks.
2. Pinhole and slight bumps on surface is a natural phenomenon that occurs during kiln firing. These phenomenon cannot be the reason of refund.


Shipping Information

Usually takes more than 4 weeks to produce

Please enquire us about the detailed information.


Neungho Lee
Ceramic | South Korea

Neungho Lee, who’s been loved by collectors for a long time, has concentrated on the physical property of soil, and particularly studying and working on granite gneiss which is considered being used since the late Korea dynasty. His work highlights the rough property of soil, and taps his own pattern by using a traditional pottery making tool. His works articulate tradition, modernity, and practicality, and this is why he’s been loved by the public for a long time. Also, Neungho Lee works without discriminating between tableware and objects, bearing both practicality and artistry. With the desire to be an artifact that gives people joy and comfort, he grants space a sense of depth and solemnity.

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