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LIN Table is representing Studio Shinyoo’s design philosophy from inner essence to the solid form.

LIN Table is made with huge timber. They cut the top of the timber into the grid and burn it. Delicate and numerous burning makes the grains into beautiful natural lines.

Regardless of East and West, human developed Beam-to-Column because they needed a roof. From cultural district characteristics of Ancient Greek architecture and Asian architecture of wood, they abstract universality inside of it as the Beam-to-Column structure to build table from the very origin sense. First work of this is LIN Table.

Material : Wood, Metal and Glass 

Size : 2400 x 1160 x 750cm

Made in Korea

Care Information

1. There are slight differences in texture or shape.
2. Be careful not to make a strong impact such as sitting on the table or kicking.
3. Direct heat or strong impact on the glass may cause damage.
4. The crack on the wood is a natural form that occurs during the process.
5. Wood is affected by temperature and humidity

Shipping Information 

The work is made on order and takes 2 to 4 weeks depending on size.

Please enquire us about the detailed information.

Studio Shinyoo
Art Furniture | South Korea

Studio Shinyoo is a design collective based in Seoul pursuing 'Essence' of design. They creates works with the belief that design will connect the world. Translating to the present the common sense that overlaps on top of historical and cultural distinctions separated by time and space. They said that their artworks are contexts, and they are the process.

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