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Crystal Series Table 04


Crystal Series Table


'Crystal Series' is inspired from nature. Saerom Yoon was especially inspired by the sky's beautiful and rich colors, specifically those from sunset and sunrise. He tried to express our experience of the sky as a concept of space and time that is covering us, not an optically planar one of "layers" that is simply composed of clouds, the moon, the sun and beyond.

He tried to express the overall "space"of the sky by the use of acrylic which is more transparent than glass. In order to maintain the transparency of the acrylic material he used a textile dyeing technique. Through this technique he expressed naturally combined colors of the sky. Each layer was bonded together as one big piece after being dyed. Through this process, an optical illumination was created within the acrylic. The overall shape appears distorted from various viewing angles due to the reflections and refractions within the transparent surfaces. Furthermore, the dyed colors mix in a variety of unique ways depending on the angle they are being viewed from. 

Material : Acrylic 

Size : W 60 x D 35 H 38 cm

Made in Korea

Care Information

1. Artwork must be installed out of direct sunlight.
2. Please avoid direct contact with heat.
3. Do not wipe with alcohol containing cleaner
4. Acrylic surface can be scratched, and it's hard to restore scratches.

Shipping Information 

Usually takes more than 4 weeks to produce

Please enquire us about the detailed information.


Saerom Yoon
Art Furniture | South Korea

A furniture designer, Saerom Yoon, puts his own experience of nature into furniture. The artist had very special memories of nature in the Philippines during his early childhood. So he started to use "acrylic" to express the light in various aspects of the sky and its immaterial space. The straight-lined structure of the furniture is a result of elaborate molding experiments. Through the his handcrafted efforts, especially in the process of applying colors onto acrylic, strong feelings are poured into the furniture as art objects. His work is now very popular to private collectors around the world.

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