San Jung

Coffee Dripper


Coffee Dripper made with Stainless


This Coffee Dripper for one person is made of stainless steel. It consists of three lines of motifs from the legs of the soban. Unlike normal dripper, it is a structure with a perforated side, which has a lot of air inflow when dribbling.

Material : Stainless Steel, Copper

Size : 10 x 10 x 6 cm

Made in Korea

Care Information

It is manufactured after sufficient inspection process, but please be careful as some corners may be sharp due to metal characteristics.

This product is made for one person, and when extracting too much coffee, the filter paper can droop due to the weight. There is no problem with use, but please distribute the appropriate amount for better extraction of dripper.


Shipping Information

Usually takes more than 2 weeks to produce

Please enquire us about the detailed information.


San Jung
Metal | South Korea

San Jung produces crafts with various modern uses based on tradition. He basically uses metal as the main material, and he thinks about items and designs that are suitable for daily life as the trend changes. He intended modern harmony by reinterpreting Korean lines and forms. Due to the nature of the tableware, it is made to be convenient for daily use by utilizing corrosion-resistant metal materials for continuous management.

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