Soohyun Cho

TS Handle Tea Strainer


TS Handle Tea Strainer


Soohyun Cho mainly uses Silver for her work. 800 silver, 925 silver and pure silver are the types of silver what she uses depending on the purpose of objects to be made. The process of making one silver item has long-various stages. Knocking several hundred times to make a shape and through the different stages it assembles and polishes its shape. It is the combination of a simple but profound production form of metal crafting skills such as Forging, Fabrication, and Cold Joints.

Material : 998 silver, 925 silver, walnut wood

Size : 6.5 x 18 x 3.2 cm

Made in Korea

Care Information

1. The estimated date of the production can be increased or decreased depending on the artist's situation.
2. All the silverproducts has a possibility of discoloration. Please carefully wipe it with soft sponge if you have a discoloration.
3. Case of the cheese pick set is made with oil coated wood. Therefore, you can keep the original gloss by drying with using wood oil or olive oil.


Shipping Information

Usually takes more than 4 weeks to produce

Please enquire us about the detailed information.


Soohyun Cho
Metal | South Korea

Soohyun Cho was majored in metal arts from both undergraduate and graduate school at Seoul National University. One day she had a pleasant feeling by handing tea temperature through a silver teaspoon. It was the beginning of her tea-related small accessories and tea ware production. The artist deeply believes in the power of hand-crafted objects which gives the most impressive satisfaction to the people.

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