Kajin Lee

Water Drop Mini Series


Water Drop Mini Series


The <Waterdrop> is a water drop-shaped pottery which has a very thick celadon glaze. It has the narrow lip and short neck, people may feel that the pottery is just one huge mass of glaze. It gives a feeling like that the large glazed loaf falls off from somewhere and it exists by itself.  It shows the typical and symbolic shape of pottery. It has the simple shape into which only one or two stems of flower can be put. It is designed to make people feel the beauty of the materials of the pottery itself rather than helping people to get just one message from the shape of work. And it also refers to the apparent respect for the historical universality which the pottery has.

Material : Glazed Ceramic

Size : S. H14~16 cm

           M. H17~20 cm

           L. H21~26 cm

Made in Korea

Shipping Information

Usually takes more than 4 weeks to produce

Please enquire us about the detailed information.

Kajin Lee
Ceramic Sculpture | South Korea

Kajin Lee is one of the most promising, up-and-coming craft artist in Korea dedicated to making contemporary celadon wares (cheong-ja). She applies a special glaze made in her own combinations on her droplet-shaped porcelains to add a rich texture and goes through a meticulous ceramic firing process. The thick glaze coating illustrates the extreme “matter-ness” of the porcelain. She makes sturdy porcelains with a lucid, radiant color with higher firing temperature and viscosity compared to those of traditional Go-ryo celadons. She seeks to reinterpret classical celadons into modern disciplines not through variations in the appearance or functionality but through technological innovations and sentiments of today. 

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