Songam Lee

貪 3


貪 3


Songam Lee's works feature strong colors and restrained sense of form. He makes the form based on spinning wheel, and then trims the surface to create sculptural form. By using dark colors, he tried to show the psychological image of dark colors through his works.

His ceramic object can be used as a vase and an object itself that gives strength to space.

Material : Ceramic

Size : 38 x 38 H 47 cm

Made in Korea

Care Information

1. The glaze marks on the surface are a natural phenomenon that occurs in the kiln firing process. Each work may have differerent glaze marks.
2. Pinhole and slight bumps on surface is a natural phenomenon that occurs during kiln firing. These phenomenon cannot be the reason of refund.


Shipping Information

Usually takes more than 4 weeks to produce

Please enquire us about the detailed information.


Songam Lee
Ceramic | South Korea

Songam Lee considers the image of the formative beauty and dark color given by the atypical form and try to express at the same time. He mainly uses spinning wheel  molding techniques to make shape, but the process of twisting, cutting, and trimming creates his unique lines and sides, which can be interpreted as a "self-expression" to discover and improvise the latent energy inside. And he tries to create works that have visual and intrinsic meanings and express them in depth.

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