Sungwook Park

The Infinite Landscape

The Infinite Landscape

19 March - 11 May 2021


Gallery Huue is pleased to present Sungwook Park’s works via online viewing room; he’s creativity reveals in many different forms, from art pieces to functional objects such as tableware. Park uses the traditional Bunjang (White slip) technique to create each piece in different textures and forms; and those pieces together make a harmonious artwork. 


“Every time I work, I go through the same process: opening up all the senses and accepting the materials. There is a tension as I always try to find a new material and it is a challenging process indeed. When it comes to the end, I get to have a humble and open-minded attitude.” 

Sungwook Park's Work Note


Park’s Bunjang (White slip) technique is one of the decoration techniques of ceramics. Compare to the techniques of Chosun Dynasty’s white porcelain or celadon, which are relatively well known, the unique texture of Bunjang technique comes from the white clay applied to the surface, in order to change ceramic pieces’ color or texture.

Some of the ceramic pieces are made by the Bunjang technique and others with combined colors, for example, cobalt, iron, chrome, etc. Next, he applies transparent glaze and put them into a traditional wood-fired kiln, finally. Park’s wood-fired kiln is different from the ordinary kiln as it uses firewood that is Korean traditional; he explains that it gives unexpected outcomes he enjoys much; for instance, the ceramic pieces disappears, get bent, and so one. 

In particular way, the harmony can be found in body clay which composes forms and colored engobe that has been applied to the ceramic pieces for a decorative purpose. As a whole, each piece with makes an euphonious, united form in the artwork. In the “White Forest Series,” and “Moon Series,” the artist represents moon and the birch trees with different ceramic pieces, and depicts the tree with forms, textures, and colors created by fire. 


Moon 9010, 2019, Buncheong on the Iron Plate, EA 900 x 1500 cm






Sungwook Park

Park has BA from Department of Ceramics in Kookmin University, Korea specialized in Ceramic craft major, and holds MA in Ceramics in the same graduate school. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions. The Victoria & Albert Museum in the UK, International Ceramic Museum in Jingdezhen, China, and other private collectors have his work. In 2022, he plans to have an exhibition at Gallery Huue,