Insun Choi (b.1964) studied at State University of New York for MFA, and in recent years, the artist has found and established Incarnation Cultural Arts Foundation Art. Insun Choi has held numerous solo exhibitions locally and internationally such as gallery dooin (Seoul, Korea), Sophis Gallery(Seoul, Korea), Star Gallery(Seoul, Korea), Window Gallery(Qingdao, China), The Trinity Gallery(Seoul, Korea), Are Art Center(Seoul, Korea), Gallery 3(Seoul, Korea) and many more. Also Insun Choi participated in many group exhibitions - ‘The Gaze of Contemporary Art’ at Yangpyeong Art Museum(Yangpyeong, Korea), ‘Rediscovery of Colors’ at Museum San (Wonju, Korea), ‘巍巍’ at Ponetive Space (Paju, Korea), and ‘Y’s Collections’ at Gallery Yeh(Seoul, Korea). Choi’s works are currently collected at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art(MMCA), Seoul Museum of Art(SeMA), Gwangju Museum of Art, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Leeum Museum of Art, and Hankook-Ilbo. His works have previous auction records at both Sotheby’s, New York(USA) and Christie's Auction, Hong Kong.