29th October 2015 - 21st November 2015


Gallery HUUE is pleased to curate an exhibition to provide ideas of how artwork and art pieces can shift any room into a beautifully artistic space with various paintings, sculptures, and craft works. We will present the significant meaning of art, which shapes our living spaces and how they meld with our lives. With this exhibition, Gallery HUUE would like to define that art is nothing farfetched from our life, but rather something that has always been with us: Life in art, Art in life.

Selected Artist

-Ahn Yunmo
-Choi Youngwook
-Container 5-1 by Choi Eunji
-Gonggi by Ji Seungmin
-Indra Dodi
-Kang Heejung
-Kim Byungjin
-Kim Saeyoul
-Lee Changhwa
-Lee Neungho
-Mahine Rattonsey
-Millord by Yoo Jungmin -Na Kwangho
-Park Shinyoung
-Shim Wonjung
-Shin Dongwon