R.E.D. Reality Equals Dream

2nd March 2012 – 11th March 2012

Reality Equals Dream

Speaking of Korean Craft and Art, its aesthetic value, and its everyday grace.

Dream is always a dream; it cannot be reached by the realm of reality. A typical dream is a positive imagination but it can also be infinite possibilities unfolded by a mind. There are people who use imagination to make dream a reality using their own unique tools. They are artists. Artists seek to communicate with the world. Worlds of artists bridge dream and reality, creating variety of panorama mixed with logical imaginations and fantasies. Imaginative images reflected in artworks are visually stationary; however they constantly tell new stories by freely expanding or contracting in the eyes of the beholder. The viewer also writes new stories of their own based on these inspiration.
This exhibition, under the title R.E.D (Reality Equals Dream), will showcase moments when dream and ideal inside people’s mind become hand grappling reality. Displayed arts will tell you how dream and reality reconcile and eventually become part of our daily lives.
‘Furniture’ is the tool from reality that we have chosen for this exhibition. Furniture, in general sense, surrounds us with purpose. They are functional tools to make our daily lives easier. In contrast, art is without purpose. It often reflects subjective thoughts and is often a result of imagination filled with dream. We will seek to reconcile and melt these two different groups. Pure

Interior has generously sponsored this exhibition with their elegant European designer furniture. We hope that this collaborated exhibition inspires designers and artists and stimulates artistic taste of the public.
All artworks, whether the value it seeks is practical or philosophical, come alive and become more beautiful when it breathes together with the lives of people. Exhibition R.E.D, second exhibition by Art On Gallery, is an extension of our previous exhibition ‘Art in Life, Life in Art’. We hope that our e
ffort becomes a small seed in contributing to blossoming art scene of Singapore.

Crystal Cho, Director of Gallery HUUE (Former Art On Gallery)


Selected Artist

-Shin Sang Ho

-Hwang Sun Tae

-Choi Young Wook

-Sung Young Rok

-Hwang Hyun Seung

-Shin Dong Won

-Koo Seong Youn

-Kim Jonak

-Lee Kang Wook

-Kang Jun Young

-Lee Kyong Ju

-Park Jung Ok

-Park Shin Young

-Park Jong Jin

-Kim Ha Yoon

-Kang Yoon Joo

-Jung Hai Yun

-Lee Min Soo

-Kim Bo Kyung

-Choi Mi Youn

-Kang Hee Joo

-Lim Sung Soo

-Lee Ka Jin

-Park Jung Hong

-Chung Hae Cho

-Jeong Ji Hyun

-Lee Kottam

-Ahn Yun Mo