Near And Dear Objects

10th October 2013 – 7th November 2013

Near And Dear Objects
New Horizon of Korean Contemporary Art

Art history has made a dramatic turn in the late 20th century. Artists have started to spill out experimental works using new medium. These experimental works held their value and meaning in their effort to overcome the logic of modernism that had clearly separated different genre. However, that was just a start of trial and error in the art world, one of many efforts in seeking new possibilities of art. In order for the trend to stand as a style, it needs to gain sympathy of the public that tries to understand art, as was the case with previous art genres. It is in such context that 7 Adams and Art On Gallery are jointly hosting exhibition of seven artists that have opened a new horizon for the public preference.
We have invited 6 Korean artists currently in the limelight in the Korean art scene and 1 female Korean artist active in Singapore. Main topic featured in the artworks for this coming exhibition is either a common product easily seen around us or scenery. Then what is that makes them stand out in the flood of contemporary art? It was probably due to their unique style of expressions that catch viewer’s eyes despite their simple embedded story. They can be said to have opened a new horizon in popularizing Korean contemporary art by their unique visuals that were attractive in themselves, not necessarily requiring the viewer to solve the puzzle or to overcome the intuition in order to see inner side.
According to Russian literary critic Victor Skolovski, function of an artist is to stimulate senses towards unfamiliarity as well as towards the beauty of the common. He said that the artist approaches common things in fresh new angle and lift it up to new dimension of senses or perception. Near and Dear Object Exhibition will bring together artists who will provide the audience with fresh new angles to the common things surrounding our daily lives by changing its forms and dressing it with unique colors. These artists will help us look at things not in a superficial ways, but through the special lens that will enable us to reinterpret something very familiar. The artworks, reflecting a mixture of imagination and fantasy of artists’ creativity and everyday things, play various panorama.
Crystal, Director of Gallery HUUE (Former Art On Gallery)

Selected Artist
-Kim Byung Joo
-Hwang Hyun Seung
-Kim Byung Jin
-Park Sang Nam
-Kim Jonak
-Seol KyungChul
-Park ShinYoung