Lee Kang Wook Solo Exhibition

9th December 2013- 20th December 2013

Lee Kang Wook Solo Exhibition ‘Invisible Space’

Lee Kang Wook combines microscopic and the macroscopic view of the world into one work. His work depicts maps of human cells seen only via microscope, but at the same time, this is overlaid by a view of the vast universe. The combination of these two worlds is yet another new space, a space of imagination and fantasy, undetectable in our daily lives yet whose force is present and influential.

The canvas is full of delicate lines and panes that seem to freely float around. They are sometimes overlapping, sometime not, as if to escape and seek an encounter at the same time. In a world where the body and the universe is one, the artist seem to suggest that we must and will one day find a position in this world where we will be at ease and peace.

He was born in 1976, and he has been painting with the concept of ‘Invisible Space’ more than 10 years. Lee Kang Wook’s paintings are favourably received by the art critics and private collectors for his abstract paintings which look like the vast universe. He is the youngest artist who has been awarded “Grand Prize” at the prestigious Fine Art contest in Korea. Until now, he has been holding 10 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 100 group exhibitions. Lee Kang Wook has won several prizes at the prestigious Fine Art contests and also participated in various corporation art projects.

He has a sizeable fan base around the world. The main collectors of his paintings include Ho-am Art Museum, Seoul Museum of Art, National Museum of contemporary Art, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, SamSung Hotel, LS Industrial Systems Co. Lid., Hyundai Motor Company, Samsung Medical Center, LG fashion, KyoWon group, Tomato Savings Bank, Marriott Hotel, Coreana Cosmetics Co. Ltd, City 7 Hotel, Centum Leaders Mark, KASCO as well as many private collectors.