Kim Chanil Solo Exhibition – The Impression of Line

1st November 2014-20th December, 2014

The Impression of Line

Since the founding in 2010 as Art On Gallery, we’ve introduced Korean artists to Singapore via an array of enriching exhibits featuring renowned and up-and-coming artists. Now with the new name Gallery Huue, we plan to continue on our journey with a rejuvenated effort, largely thanks to our newly renovated space designed specifically for the purpose of showcasing Korean art.

Kim’s artworks effortlessly embody the understated elegance, and we specifically selected Kim due to the fact his artwork captures the artistic direction of our gallery. His works evokes a calm and meditative first impression that eases the mind into a tranquil state. This emotion soon gives way to astonishment as the viewer draws in closer to observe the small pieces of board that have been laboriously erected one by one on the canvas. The juxtaposition of calm then awe brings the viewer into a euphoric state moved by the polar emotions reminiscent of the calm after an earthshaking thunderstorm.

The most prominent characteristics of Kim’s work are the irregular contour and unique forms of lines that run across the flat canvas in such a way that the forms pop towards the audience. Since his earlier works which used puncture and protruded dots, Kim’s developed a style utilizing the more evolved contoured, uneven lines. Kim’s works consist of the essence of any painting- simple dots and lines. Then he takes these simple forms to the next level by revolting against the status quo concept of ‘painting on a plane’ via literally creating away from the plane. His line series exist somewhere between sculpture and painting, so that critics often refer to the works as ‘post painterly’, ‘drawing objet’.
Kim creates his work by first filling the canvas with small black paper board pieces of various heights which are adhered to the plane in regular gaps under a meticulous plan. Next the paper is repeatedly layered then peeled o
ff of oil paint or pigment powder making for an extremely arduous process. Lastly, a layer of metallic monotonous color is carefully laid out for a final touch. What starts as a somewhat busy-looking mass of innumerable lines soon transforms into an intellectually stimulating and elegant display of art. The end result is an artwork with the form of ‘Bas-Relief painting’ that goes beyond a flat plane painting. As such, it can be said that Kim creates something close to three-dimensional structure through an innovative use of a traditional painterly medium. This unique approach is a trademark that Kim has nurtured over the years. The countless short lines, erected meticulously, seem to fall in good order to produce various expressions. In effect this creates distinctive visual illusions of light and dark and of concentration and dispersion, which contrast to form wave-like vibrations that resonate with the primordial visual instincts.
His recent paper works, in contrast, makes lines of punctures on paper, which is then covered with corrosive material to make the paper look like metal. The metallic hue births an interesting materialistic variation to the theme of his existing relief painting. The aggregations of lines expressed in various forms are the foundation of Kim’s artworks that evokes figurative imaginations that let the viewer run wild in their interpretations of the art.
This solo exhibition showcases not only Chan-Il Kims latest works but a variety of works that he has continuously worked on over the years. We hope this exhibition will serve as a rare opportunity where audiences can immerse into Kim’s evolving artistic world of waves that undulates above and onto the surface of two-dimensional plane.