Kang Jun Young Solo Exhibition

25 September 2015 - 24 October 2015

Kang Jun Young Solo Exhibition

We are pleased to invite you to our first solo exhibition of year 2015, featuring artist Jun Young Kang.

Artist Kang holds a bachelor and masters degree in Ceramics from Hong-Ik University’, the most prestigious art school in Korea. Even during his studies as a student, he already participated in group exhibitions and held his first solo exhibition on 2006. Since then, he regularly took part in various art fairs in Korea and in other major art markets like US, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. Artist Kang’s works are owned by Korea National Assembly Building and Korea Racing Authority, and he participated in artist residency programs in both Korean and Beijing in 2011 and 2012. In 2015, he also participated in London Art Fair, organized by the Saatchi Gallery. As for immediate future, besides the solo exhibition with HUUE, he has plans to participate in various art fairs and special group exhibitions.


Artist Kang’s work possesses an interesting element of lyrical story telling. Having lived overseas as a student apart from the rest of the family, he let himself immerse into a mixture of various cultures, of which hip hop music culture were his favorite. His works are heavily influenced by hip hop music and street culture, which defined his lifestyle since his teenager days. In terms of story, ‘Romantic Love’ is the theme that runs across all of his works. His messages like love, affectionate words, memory and imagination of past, present and future, may come alive loud and clear or sometimes in a whisper. As a ceramist by education, he values the sense of using finger to feel the materials and to draw directly from it. This special relativity of his action brings out his inner thoughts ever more clearly onto the canvas while telling the story more candidly.


Artist Kang’s works have already established a foothold in Singapore art market from 2014’s Affordable Art Fair, Singapore; so we prepared this exhibition as an opportunity to introduce a different side of artist Kang with his black and white paintings and installation works. On the next day of opening reception, 26th of September, Saturday, we prepared an artist talk with the artist. We hope this exhibition and artist talk will help you immerse into artist Kang’s world of painting by listening to his method of painting and storytelling technique and get more intimate with his artwork as the artist himself shares some of his most personal stories.