3rd May 2014- 30th June 2014


Contemporary lyrical Korean Art

The title of this exhibition, HUE (): REST, is a korean word that means rest, to take a break, to pause or beauty and to praise the beauty. In this sense, HUE is an essential part of every human being’s lives, just like a small does of viatmin is essential to keep a human body to function. American Club members come to the Club to escape from the busy dail cycles of life and to engage in activities through which they can rest their minds. Whether the artwork is intended for aesthetic appreciation or philosophical narrative, all artwork relize its true worth and splendor when it exist embedded in people’s lives and offer fulfilment or suggest a dialogue every time a beholder lay eyes on them.


Selected Artist

-Kang Jun Young

-Kim Dae Soo

-Sung Young Rok

-Choi Soo Jeong

-Kim HyunJu

-Park Sang Nam

-Song JiYeon

-Ha Hyoungsun

-Hur Jeong Eun

-Seol Kyung Chul

-Yi Eun Chae

-Park Chanoo

-Jung Woo Chang