Gaze: A Contemplative Mind

23rd May 2015 – 28th June 2015

Gaze: A Contemplative Mind

Gallery HUUE is proud to present our first photography exhibition. Now photography has been elevated to a position akin to painting as a key tool for artist and has solidified its standing in the world of contemporary art. It is not a surprise that many gallerists are increasingly paying close attention to this new powerful genre.

Selection for the artist started with the background understanding of the lower recognition of photography compared to painting in the Singapore art scene. The dilemma was to whether to draw interest by introducing works that tell a complex and conceptual story or works that are comfortable but still has depth, those that the general public can also appreciate: a characteristic that has come to define Huue.

The six artists will present works that do not require the viewer to go beyond intuition to comprehend the inner world of the work, but simply appreciable through the eye. In this May exhibition, participants will be able to immerse in the comforting charm of the works created purely through the artist’s eye for beauty.


Selected Artist

-Koo Seong Yeon

-Lee Chung Min

-Kim Soo Kang

-Lee Eun Sun

-Lim Soo Sik