Art of Living Preview

27th October 2017-30th October 2017

Art of Living Preview

Set within the 5th Edition of Jewellery & Gem Fair, Art of Living Preview is featuring contemporary art, crafts and furniture from more than 30 artists and designers.

Gallery HUUE will be a part of Art of Living Preview with artworks by Kim Byung Jin, Kim Byung Joo, Kim Jonak, Kim Seung Hee, Koo Seong Youn, Lee Kang Wook, Oh Yumi, Rina Menardi, Sohn Jinah, Song Jiyeon, and Utopia&Utility.


Selected Artist

-Kim Byung Jin
-Kim Byung Joo
-Kim Jonak
-Kim Seung Hee
-Koo Seong Youn
-Lee Kang Wook
-Oh Yumi
-Rina Menardi
-Sohn Jinah
-Song Jiyeon