2th November 2011 – 15th November 2011


-The Chapel, sculpture square

Exhibition Period

-Sat 12th November – Tue 15th November 2011

Selected Artist

-Choi Young Wook -Hwang Hyun Seung -Hwang Sun Tae -Kim Hyun Ju

-Koo Seung youn -Lee Young Ji -Shin Dong Won -Shin Sang Ho -Sung Young Rok

Exhibition Statement

Art in Life, Life in Art
Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition

The exhibition, under the title of ‘Art in Life, Life in Art’, aims to apply an artistic angle to the things in our ordinary space, being true to our philosophy of bringing serendipity to everyday space. Showing an artwork is easy. Captivating the viewer is not. The exhibition aims to provide a differentiated experience to viewers by demonstrating how artwork can shine in different ways in harmony with the space that surrounds it rather than force one-way appreciation of artwork in isolation. To do that, an expert from Kemistry of Style, an Italy based interior design firm, has designed various virtual spaces using 3D rendering graphic design technique. Through close collaboration between the two firms, we will present artworks that suit various virtual spaces ensuring that each artwork breathes with the shape, structure and sensibility that flows in the space.

The exhibition is about bringing serendipity to crude daily life by closing the gap between the everyday reality and the idealistic art, bridging the public who feel contemporary art is too difficult and artists who dream of a dialogue with the public, and moving from art of mere existence to art of living nature.
Current cultural art scene in Singapore is vibrant as never before and is developing rapidly. We are thrilled to contribute to this vibrancy by introducing highly competent Korean artists to Singapore and sharing artistic asset and experience that contemporary Korean art has to o
ffer. The exhibition hopes to provide a new artistic vision to the promising art scene of Singapore by providing a forum where cultures of two countries mix, learn, and dream via art.
Nine Korean artists participating in the exhibition are renowned both in and outside Korea, distinguished by their distinct philosophy in work while having demonstrated both artistic and commercial success. We showcase various genre of fine arts ranging from painting, sculpture, oriental painting to photography and printmaking, all characterizing uniqueness of contemporary Korean art.
Crystal, Director of Gallery HUUE (Former Art On Gallery)