Studio Tour | Meeyoung Kim

After studying oriental painting in Korea, Kim Mi-young majored in painting for her master’s degree in England. She is a unique young artist that has continuously presented her works through various individual and group exhibitions.

Reminding the visit to Kim’s studio in warm May last year, Gallery HUUE introduces an exhibition where Kim’s unique works are displayed.    

KoreanArtist_KoreanArt_ContemporaryArt_ArtConsulting_MeeyoungKim_Painting_04 KoreanArtist_KoreanArt_ContemporaryArt_ArtConsulting_MeeyoungKim_Painting_05


With numerous canvas, different brushes, various paints, and deep scents from oil painting, Kim's studio vividly represents Kim herself and her works. By using oil painting materials to develop extraordinary techniques and express the artistic atmosphere of paint on canvas, Kim captures and portrays the synesthesia she experienced. KoreanArtist_KoreanArt_ContemporaryArt_ArtConsulting_MeeyoungKim_Painting_07

As Kim’s own ‘sculptural painting’ delivers, one of her major characteristics is to create a dynamic screen for the static genre. First, she draws gesso repeatedly on the canvas so that the paint smoothly permeates. Then, she uses a pencil and a ruler to make the grid. This process can be understood in terms of individual psychological devices for the artist. It is a symbolic act to recognize the space of the artist and the world of the painting as a single door or window.

Therefore, entering the work is assumed as a channel that guides to another dimension. Through this process, the artist by imagining the brushstrokes, colors, and atmosphere to fill the screen, can determine which type of colors and brushes to use. It allows preparing oil paints and relevant materials to apply the abstract touch and color to the canvas.

KoreanArtist_KoreanArt_ContemporaryArt_ArtConsulting_MeeyoungKim_Painting_08 KoreanArtist_KoreanArt_ContemporaryArt_ArtConsulting_MeeyoungKim_Painting_09

 Kim’s periodic series such as ‘The Painter’s Garden’, ‘Wave’, ‘Breeze’, ‘Pool’ shows that her new paintings series are naturally created after developing the most intense techniques she has wanted to depict.


The Painter's Garden, 2021, Oil on Canvas, 91x72cm

Kim believes that an artwork should convey an echo, emotion, and intense message to the audience. She constantly tries to create valuable paintings and attracts the audience’s attention.



Lemon and Violet Wave, 2021, Oil on Canvas, 100 x 80 cm

Kim has been preparing her exhibition with Gallery HUUE in Singapore in May 2021. She aims to present various series that she has worked on over the past five to six years. Since she studied both oriental painting and Korean painting for nearly a decade, the use of materials, colors, and techniques of Korean artistry is naturally integrated into her current oil painting. Her understanding of both genres is one of her strengths for her professional works.

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