News | Huue Artist in The Work Project Singapore, Jayoung Kim

Young and emerging ceramist, Jayoung Kim has been creating a variety of works including stool, table, objet, and sculpture by adding her texture to an amorphous form that is composed of natural lines. She’s continuing her work with her unique color.

The most Representative shared office, The Work Project, which is launching a new branch, Capita Green in Singapore, worked on a ceramic sculpture project with Kim. By presenting a new direction for interior design as well as a shared office as space, The Work Project has received an International Architecture Award for its distinctive and high-quality interior design at each branch. 


Kim’s ceramic sculptures are installed in the Work Project Capita Green. It helps create exotic and attractive spaces with aesthetic and modern interiors that are not easily found in a normal shared office. Based on this atmosphere, Kim worked on a ceramic sculpture with neutral colors and organic shapes. In harmony with wood-colored furniture, ceramic pieces are composed to blend comfortably into space.