News | Huue Artist in the Shilla, Taikyun Kim & Seungki Min

Our next artists of the Window Exhibition at the Shilla Hotel Arcade, which has been continuing since the summer of 2020, are Artist Taikyun Kim and Ceramist Seungki Min. This exhibition presents both artists’ works, images of ocean and Buncheong pieces, to create an even more sophisticated arcade space for Hotel.

Koreanartist_Photographer_Taikyun Kim_Gallery Huue

Taikyun Kim, famous for his photograph that takes the blue sea, this time he depicts the sea of the northernmost part of Korea, which is quite unfamiliar to the public, with its appearance and color without correction. From his point of view, audiences can feel the immersion as if they are looking at the sea.


Seungki Min, who’s been loved for a long time, enriches the exhibition through Buncheong moon jar and objet works. When facing his works, the audience can feel the artistic depth of his pieces that are made through his repeated and continuous studies and trials.


The exhibition will be open at Shilla Arcade on the first basement floor in Shilla Hotel for four months from March to July. Inquiries about the exhibition are available at and +82 2235 2822.