News | Huue Artist in Chedi Hotel, Yongrae Kwon


Kwon Yong-rae, one of the long-term artists working with Gallery HUUE, managed a sculpture project at the Chedi Hotel in China.

Kwon captures light on a two-dimensional plane and uses the effect of reflecting light in multiple ways by attaching hammered metal plates to the wall. In doing so, works are completed with the light on the plane. With Gallery HUUE’s art consulting, Kwon’s work was installed in the lobby of the Chedi Resort Hotel in China.


Despite the cold nature of the metal, Kwon’s work that captures warm and brilliant light recreated the hotel’s space into a more romantic place. The Chedi Resort Hotel is located in Hainan, called Hawaii in the East, surrounded by a beautiful view of the valley flowing down from the top of the mountain. It is being constructed by using the rich natural materials of the region and adding a modern aesthetic to the traditional Chinese style.