Artist Tour | Aeyoung Kim

“Through transformation and recombination of pottery, I design various stories including people’s hidden desires and social injustice.”
Aeyoung Kim


Born in 1986 in Seoul, Aeyoung Kim graduated from Gyewon Arts High School. She went to Hongik University and received a master’s degree from the institution. After graduation, she worked as a researcher at Hongik University’s ceramic research institute and won awards from various contests including the Gyeonggi World Ceramic Biennale Gold Prize, Cheongju Craft Biennale, and International Contest.

Aeyoung has drawn attention to several art consulting firms that are associated with famous global hotels. Her works have been collected by Hyatt Regency Zhenjiang, Raffles Hotel Singapore, Grand Hyatt Seoul. She participated in the residence program of the Shigaraki Pottery Forest as an invited artist and has designed various lobby sculptures for domestic companies.

Working Process
Bringing the typical forms of pottery, Aeyoung’s works are designed as a transformation and recombination. In particular, her elaborate drawing on traditional and sophisticated white porcelain reveals her own experience and discloses social story.
While maintaining the shape of conventional and traditional pottery, she attempts to escape from the stereotyped patterns through various transformations including slip casting.

Pivot Series
Aeyoung’s representative work, Pivot Series, is based on the motif of the Wonju villa where civil servants requested sexual favors. Kim uniquely divides the meiping; traditional ceramic forms, into quarters and depicts the villa’s landscape with blue flowers on the outside. At the window of the mountain-surrounding-villa, a middle-aged man is putting his hand on a woman’s shoulder. Next to them, a topless woman and gambling men are portrayed. The man and woman in the dark background having sex on the porcelain’s inside directly contrasting the outside.

Designed for Hyatt Regency of Zhenjiang, the Pivot Series has been naturally fit in the hotel. With the landscape paintings featuring regional characteristics, it makes the hotel’s atmosphere more luxurious.