Art Fair ㅣ ART BUSAN 2022

Huue Contemporary (previously Gallery Huue) is pleased to participate in Art Busan 2022. The booth will feature significant and unique works by Insun Choi, Jaemin Lee, Jeongmin Yu, Chulan Kwak, Meeyoung Kim, Lee Eu, Sabrina Milazzo as well as from the Gallery collection which includes a selection of works by internationally recognised artists such as Alex Katz, David Hockney, Lee Bae and Tracey Emin.






최인선 INSUN CHOI The booth will spotlight the new and recent paintings by the artist. The presentation traces the artist’s pursuit on painting. Through his multimedia practice of painting - encompassing painting, printing, redesigning, drawing and sketching - Choi’s works constantly move between the abstract and poetic, figurative and realistic.

이재민 JAEMIN LEE A new work by Jaemin, who recently joined Huue Contemporary, will be on view. Singapore-based Korean artist Jaemin Lee incorporates a myriad of influences, fusing together the beauty and power of women body to reflect upon herself as well as to offer a poetic illusion to the experience of nature, place and one’s surrounding space. In each of Jaemin Lee’s paintings, all elements dynamically and vibrantly interlock.

유정민 JEONGMIN YU Newly incorporated a narrative of the bodily movements, Jeongmin Yu further developed his works by observing and experimenting the way we move and walk. The artist's designed furniture to be expressed in a free curve around the basic shape of the arch. Through his work, he continues to express abundant images of various curves and presented rhymes created by furniture.

곽철안 CHULAN KWAK Exploring the genre of sculpture and installation, Chulan Kwak presents a small free-standing object for Art Busan 2022. The artist calls himself “a form-giver” because he materializes ungraspable ideas to physical forms of sculpture by exploring various materials such as wood, metal or stainless steel. The artist attempts to find out his own ‘zero ground’ to build his activities from the very fundamental stage, so he continues to experiment in creating new material and techniques.

김미영 MEEYOUNG KIM A presentation of paintings on ceramic works by Jaemin Lee is on view at Huue Contemporary's Art Busan booth. Meeyoung Kim, uses a wet-on-wet technique that adds new paint before the paint on the canvas dries. In particular, at this year ART BUSAN, Kims’s special ceramic object with her oil-based matier added. Her works are inspired by various impressions and emotions of everyday life, such as the garden scenery between barbed wire, the taste and texture of food, and the cool breeze or the feeling of walking.

이유 LEE EU Contextualising the practice of painting, Lee Eu works directly with the core medium as her practice to truly appreciate and confront the complexity of canvas and paint. Both series of ‘Paysage Matière’ and ‘Peinture en question’ are continued themes of paintings that Lee has created to draw attentions to the autonomous and poetic universe of painting.

SABRINA MILAZZO In the way of paintings, Sabrina Milazzo stands within the boundaries of an unusual figuration- lying between photographic hyperrealism and a new-surrealistic perspective of reality that is again poised in between pop imagery and conceptualism. Working on linen instead of canvases, the artist presents easily recognised but at the same time, irreparable imageries of the old characters from childhood such as Mickey Mouse, Jerry from Tom and Jerry, Snow White’s seven dwarves, and many more.

Gallery Collection (includes Lee Ufan, Alex Katz, Tracey Emin, and David Hockney)

Installation Views