You Kyeong Oh | 오유경

오유경은 일상에서의 다양한 사물들의 관계를 설치미술로 풀어내며, 사물이 자연에서 가지는 에너지의 순환에 대해 탐구한다. 최근 작가가 선보이는 작품은 원형이나 구의 형태들의 개체를 결합하거나 중첩시켜 그 안에서 또 다른 형태를 만들어 낸다. 작가는 탑을 쌓듯이 형태들의 각기 다르게 모듈을 조합하는데 이는 세상이 계속 변화하고 있음을 보여주고 있다. 모든 물체들이 동시에 상호작용하며, 새로운 관계를 맺고, 끊임없는 변화와 새로운 형태를 선보이다. 이렇듯 요소들이 무한한 구조로 상상될 수 있으며, 이를 통해 세상을 바라보는 고정적인 시각을 탈피하고자 한다.

You Kyeong Oh unfolds the relationship between objects that she interacts daily through the practice of installation art. The artist presents energy that objects have from Nature. Working with two or more mediums - crystals and woods, the artist both connects and breaks to create a new relationship. Such repetition marks how our lives can also change due to various reasons and factors.



2003-2008 DNSAP(Dipôme Nationale Supérieure d’Arts Plastique)Atelier Giuseppe Penone, Ecole Natiolae Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. Paris. France
2005-2006 M.F.A Université Paris 8. Paris. France
1998-2002 B.F.A University of Seoul. Seoul.
2021  Certain is nothing, Alter sight Kesson, Seoul, Korea
2021  Being connected, Placemak 2, Seoul, Korea
2020  Total eclipse, Art Sohyang, Seoul, Korea
2017  Chaotic But Poetic, Chapter ii, Seoul, Korea
2015  Cosmos, Space K, Seoul. Korea
2011  Dream of material, OCI Museum, Seoul, Korea
2009  Dream of fly, Noam Gallery, Seoul, korea
2007  Metamorphose, Centre Culturel Coréen, Paris, France

2022  Formes du transfers, Magasin generaux, Pantin, France
2022 Across the universe, Bupyeong Art center, Bupyeong, Korea
2022 Atypacal Feast, Gallery Baton, Seoul
2022 Physical consciousness, Art, Sohyang, Busan, Korea
2021  movement, sensation, Placemak2, Seoul, Korea

2021 Still of peace, Fondazione Aria, Pescara, Italy

2021 brisk journey, Aram Museum, Goyang, Korea
2021 movement, sensation, Placemak2, Seoul, Korea

2021 Still of peace, Fondazione Aria, Pescara, Italy
2020  Saha Art camp, Eulsukdo Cultural Center, Busan, Korea

2021 Namhaegak Everyday history, Namhaegak, Namhae, Korea

2021 Busan: Point of View, F 1963, Busan, Korea

2021 The movement of the left hand, Seoul Art Space GeumCheon, Seoul, Korea
2019  You to me, Busan citizen's hall, busan, Korea

2019 Shapes of Ryhthm, Gunpo Culture and Arts center, Gunpo, Korea

2019 Companion life, Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2019 Sea Art festuval (Sea of heartbreak), Dadaepo Beach, Busan, Korea

2019 Eco, ico, Alcheon Art Museum, Gyeongju, Korea

2019 Happy time for my family, Oulim Art Galley, Goyang, Korea
2018 Dreamlike, Busan citizen's hall Gallery Chang, Busan, Korea

2018 Magic lantern, Art sohyang, Busan, Korea

2018 Return of Desire, Jungnang Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2017 Apmap 2017 JEJU mystic birth, O sulloc Tea Museum, Jeju, Korea

2017 Find me, Pangyonoincenter, Pangyo, Korea

2017 Huit wrrrrrk swik, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea

2017 Reroadedm Clayarc Museum, Cube Gallery, Gimhae, Korea

2017 Public Art New heroes, Jcc Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2017 Find the Hidden Gallery, Hello Museum, Seoul, Korea

2017 We are the music makers in deep sleep, DeepSleepCoffee, Busan Korea
2016  Earth, Gimhae Clayarc Museum, Gimhae, Korea

2016 Prelude/Subversion, Gallery Baton, Seoul, Korea

2016 Goyang Young Artist, Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts Center, Goyang, Korea

2016 Play Ground, Soda Museum, Suwon, Korea

2016 Yap 2016, New visual culture, Daegu exco, Daegu, Korea

2016 Heal the world, Wooson Gallery, Daegu, Korea
2016 Chronicles of influence, Chater ii, Seoul, korea

2016 Hyo Eu Ye, Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Wanju, Korea

2016 Kitchen, Gyeonggi Creation center, Ansan, Korea
2015 Accidental encounter, Buk Seoul museum of art, Seoul, Korea,

2015 Sixth sense, OCI museum, Seoul, Korea

2015 kaleidoscope, Danwon Art Museum, Ansan, Korea

2015 Accidental encounter, Buk Seoul museum of art, Seou, Korea

2015 Taehwa river eco art festival, Thehwa river, Ulsan, Korea
2014  Condensation, Atelier Hermes, Seoul, Korea

2014 Start, Saatchi Gallery, London, England

2014 Aram  Museum, Goyang-si, Korea

2014 Drawing now, Carreau du temple, Paris, France

2014 Condensation, Maison Hermes, Tokyo, Japan

2014 White, Shinsegae Gallery, Gwang ju, Korea
2013  Out of box, Hello Museum, Seoul, Korea
2013 Transformation of the material, Moran Museum of Art, Namyangju-si, Korea

2013 Nouvelle vague : Condensation, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

2013 Ex, Espace des arts sans frontieres, Paris, France

2013 Dematerialization / Materialization, Ieyoung Contemporary Art Museum, Suwon

2013 Cool Running, Lotte gallery, Seoul, Korea

2013 Butterfly of the Eden, Fellini Gellery, Berlin, Germany
2012  Distance, Okayama art center, Okayama, Japan

2012 Digital, mountain, water, human,Gyeongnam art museum, Chang won, Korea

2012 Power of woman Artist, Jeju art museum, Jeju, Korea
2011 Young Artist project 2011:FUTUR LAB, Daegu Exco, Daegu, Korea

2011 2nd Chongqing Biennale for young artists, Chongqing Art museum, Chongqing, China

2011 Platform festival, Inchoen Art platform, Incheon, Korea

2011 From a distance keep a distance, Sungkok museum, Seoul, Korea

2011 Bericht über die Erinnerung und Heilung, Korea Culture Center Germany, Berlin, Germany
2010 Memophilia, Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea

2010 Circulation-Contemporary Art Images & Installation', Daegu Culture &Art center, Daegu, Korea

2010 Travel with forest, Dream forest Arts center-Art museum, Seoul, Korea

2010 Di-stances', Kuandu museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2010 Autonomy Zone 1-130, Art council Korea ex-Center, Seoul, Korea

2010 Mountain manufactured, Crystal Cube/Incheon Art Platform, Incheon, Korea

2010 Di-stances, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France
2008 Contemporary Korean Art in the World 2-Paris-', Seoul Arts center, Seoul, korea

2008 Jeune creation 08, Grand halle de la vilette, Paris, France

2008 4th Itineraires/From door to door, Parc des Missions Africains, StPierre, France

2008 Mulhouse 008, Parc des expositions, Mulhouse, France

2008 Letter to Bernard, Miss china Gallery, Paris, France

2008 53e salon d’art contemporain de Montrouge, Montrouge Theater, Montrouge, France

2008 Letter to Bernard' Miss china Gallery, Paris, France

2008 Sans titre #' La generale des arts, Paris, France

2017  Chapter ii Residency, Seoul, Korea
2016  Gimhae Clayarc Ceramic Creative Center, Gimhae, Korea
2015  Gyeonnggi creation center, Ansan, Korea
2012  Fondation d’entreprise d’Hermes, Paris, France
2012  Goyang art studio, Seoul national museum of art, Goyang, Korea
2009-2010  Incheon Art Platform Residency Pilot Program, 1rd Artist, Incheon, Korea
2008-2009  Nanji Art studio3rd Artist (long term), Seoul, Korea
2008  Cite internationale des arts Paris, France
2022  Production Support, Busan Foundation for Arts and Culture, Busan, Korea
2017  Production Support, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, Korea
2016  Public art new hero, Public art magazine, Seoul, Korea
2016  Goyang young Artist, The Goyang Cultural Foundation, Goyang, Korea
2011  OCI Young Artists, Songam foundation, Korea
2009- 2010 Korean Cultural and Arts Promotion Fund, Young art frontier program, Arko, Korea
National museum of modern and contemporary art
Hana bank collection
MMCA Art bank
Museum of Contemporary art Busan
Chapter II
Fondation d’entreprise d’Hermes
Christian Dior Collection
OCI Museum
Samsung Medical center

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