Yoon Jungeun | 윤정은

윤정은은 자개, 한복 천, 실 등 한국의 고유하며, 전통적인 소재의 재료들을 수집하고, 그 재료들을 겹겹이 감고, 쌓아 올리는 반복적인 패턴을 통해 자신만의 추상화된 풍경을 표현한다. 그의 작업은 축적된 시간속에서 재료들이 무엇으로 표현되는지에 대한 물음으로 시작된다. 작가는 재료를 통해 시간성에 대해 탐구하고, 반복적인 노동의 행위를 통해 시간의 흐름을 시각화하여 캔버스 안에서 인간의 삶과 예술이 공명하는 시공간을 펼친다.

 작가는 다양한 재료를 사용함으로써 시간의 축적을 만들어 낸다. 7mm 라인의 붓 드로잉과 테이핑으로 채워진 캔버스와 작은 나무 봉들을 실로 감싸고, 한복 천들을 태우며 몇 겹씩 붙이는 행위로 만들어진 평면작업은 반복적인 수행 과정을 통해 완성된 작품으로 노동 집약적인 작업의 결과물이다.

이러한 그의 작품은 반복적인 행위를 통해 축적된 시간의 흐름을 나타내고, 정신을 수양하고 탐구하며 새로운 치유의 공간을 창조해 내는 단색화의 정신과 맞닿아 있다. 작가는 자신의 수행적인 행위를 통해 표현된 작품으로 진리를 탐독하고 치유의 공간을 창조함으로써 보는 이들에게 사색할 수 있는 시간을 함께 공유하고자 한다.

<Artist statement>

My paintings express the stream of time, creating invisible and intangible spaces that are to be visualized.

Reflecting my favourite colors, textures, and patterns, I have developed visual and tactile vocabularies to depict the evolution(s) of my ideas. 

I believe that beautiful artistic achievements become actualized through repetitive and relentless labour —in line with the spirit of 단색화 (Dansaekhwa), materializing metaphysicality.

Through the countlessly repetitive motion of taping with 7mm lines, the energy generated from these intensive actions opens a space of poetic healing.

Using materials such as nacre and thread which symbolize accumulated time, harmony is created through the repetitive performance on the canvas, further encouraging viewers to discover their own space(s) of introspection.

 A tangible and visible space is established where the soul can enjoy peace and peaceful rest.



Master of Fine Art, School of Art and Culture RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Bachelor of Fine Art, School of Art and Culture RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Selected Exhibitions
2018 KAAF( Korean Australian Art Foundation), Sydney, Australia
2016 KAMM, Melbourne Art Society,Melbourne, Australia
2015 SHE Exhibition, Walker street Art Centre , Melbourne, Australia
2015 Life abstracted, Cambridge Studio Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2015 Life Art Worldwide/Brisbane Art Award, sunshine coast, Australia
2014 Splash art show, Yehin Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2014 Summer II, Quadrant Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2014 KAAF (Korean Australia Art Foundation), Sydney, Australia
2014 KAMM, Tacit Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2014 Brunswick Art Show, BSPS, Melbourne, Australia
2014 Belle Arti Prize, Chapman & Bailey, Melbourne, Australia
2011 Eye Pumping, Goodman Arts Centre, Singapore
2010 Dis/placement: 6, Institute of Contemporary Arts,
(LASALLE College of the Arts), Singapore
2010 Cabinet of Curiosities, AndrewShire Gallery, Singapore
2010 In transition, ION Gallery, Singapore
2009 A Fresh Start, AndrewShire Gallery, Singapore Art Show, Singapore
2000 Group Exhibition, Span Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2000 Project Space-Extension of site, Melbourne, Australia
1999 RMIT Graduation Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia
1999 Yuan-Zi University Group Exhibition, Taiwan

Selected Award
2000 RMIT International Student Scholarship, Melbourne

Selected Finalist Exhibition
2018 KAAF Finalist, Sydney, Australia
2015 SHE Selected Finalist, Walker street Art Centre, Melbourne
2015 Life abstracted, Cambridge Studio Gallery, Melbourne
2015 Life Art Worldwide Art Expo Finalist, Sunshine coast
2015 Brisbane Art Award Finalist, Sunshine coast, Australia
2014 KAAF Selected Finalist, Sydney

selected works

Intangible space series_Green

2021, Oil on canvas, 71x101cm


Intangible space series_Red

2021, Oil on canvas, 61x61cm


Ruminant surface series I

2021, Oil on canvas, 76x76cm


Ruminant surface series II

2021, Oil on canvas, 76x76cm


Ruminant surface series III

2021, Acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm


Ruminant surface series IV

2021, Acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm



2022, Oil and Mother of peal on canvas, 204x46cm (34x46cmx6ea)



2020-2021, Oil and Mother-of-pearl on canvas, 61x61cm


The Way of a Pilgrim I

2020, Oil on canvas, 71x101cm


The Way of a Pilgrim II

2020, Oil on canvas, 71x101cm


The Way of a Pilgrim part A+B

2020, Oil on canvas, 130x130cm (130x65cmx2ea)


He makes me lie down in green pastures

2020, Oil on canvas, 76x76cm


playing objects_composition I

2022, Mixed media, 50x50cm


playing objects_composition II

2022, Mixed media, 50x50cm


playing objects_composition III

2022, Mixed media, 50x50cm


playing objects_composition IV

2022, Mixed media, 50x50cm


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