His Name is Blue

His name is Blue.

Some may call him the Sea but he prefers to be addressed as Blue. They all seem to be the same at a glance; the blue itself, the waves, the sky, the horizon, the moon and the sea – touched by his perspective and sense – become one under the name of Blue, creating a subtle rhythm.

He suggests you feel the deep blue that he has encountered one day and conceive the infinite blue with your blue shadow reflected in the blue sky and the sea.




2020  SEA, J&S Art Project, Seoul, Korea

2018  Moon, Space moon, Songs new city, Seoul, Korea

2016  Craving Colors, 63Sky Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2015  Stare into the sea, Simyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012  BLUE+S4, La Prairie VIP Lounge, Seoul, Korea

2010  BLUE+S II, Simyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2009  BLUE+S I, Simyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2008  BluestBLUE, Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea

2008  True, Shinhan Bank PB Center, Seoul, Korea

2007  BLUE in Blue, Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea

2005  If you go away II, Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul, Korea

2004  If you go away I, Gallery Pyundonamu, Seoul, Korea

1999  Gallery Indeco, Seoul, Korea

1998  Gallery Indeco, Seoul, Korea

1988  Gallery 936, N Hollywood, U.S.A



2019  KIAF, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2018  KIAF, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2018  Gallery Beone, Seoul, Korea

2018  Art Market San Francisco, San Francisco, U.S.A

2017  KIAF, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2017  Art Edition, Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2017  Gallery 254, Seoul, Korea

2017  Art Market San Francisco, San Francisco, U.S.A

2017  Cabinet Art Fair, Songs New City, Seoul, Korea

2017  Art Busan. Busan, Korea

2016  KIAF, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2016  The Colors, National Folk Museum, Seoul, Korea

2016  Gallery Weekend Korea, Seoul, Korea

2015  KIAF, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2015  Sign of Post-Tradition from Korea, Korea Cultural Center in Hungary, Hungary

2014  Milan Art Fair, Milano, Italy

2014  127 Artists Felix Met, Gumbosung Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2014  Window of K-art, Jakarta, Indonesia

2014  Window of Korea, Indonesia National Museum, Indonesia

2014  Singapore Art Fair, Singapore

2012  Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Abu Dhabi

2012  Baek Hae Young Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012  Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Busan, Korea

2012  Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Hong Kong

2011  Art Gwangju Design Biennale, Gwangju, Korea

2011  Rest, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, Korea

2011  Art Singapore, Singapore

2010  ARCO, Madrid, Spain

2010  Art Singapore, Singapore

2010  KIAF, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2010  Form & Formless, Gallery Form, Busan, Korea

2010  The Moment, 63 Sky Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2009  Korea Tomorrow, SETEC, Seoul, Korea

2009  Art Singapore, Singapore

2009  Green Cake, Shinsegae 4th Art Fair, Shinsegae Department Store, Seoul, Korea

2009  Color+Art+Play, Goyang Oulimnuri Museum, Goyang, Korea

2009  Seoul Phto 2009, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2009  Play in the Sky, 63 Sky Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2008  Yangpyeong Project 2008 Inevitable Cloud, Manas Art Center, Yangpyeong, Korea

2008  Busan Biennale 2008 Sea Art Festival, Busan, Korea

2008  Photo Beijing 2008, National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

2008  Blue Dot Asia, Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Museum, Seoul, Korea

2007  Gallery Illum 5028, Seoul, Korea

2007  Three Blue, Gallery 126-1, Seoul, Korea

2007  No Bounce, Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul, Korea

2006  Da saek Da gam, Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea

2006  P&P_Picture vs Picture, Space Ieum, Beijing, China

2006  KIAF, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2006  P&P_Picture vs Picture, Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea




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