Sooyeon Hong is an abstract painter who has silently made her own path toward formative development over the past 10 years. In the canvas, the floating ambiguous forms overlaps and explodes. It is the world of non-figurative forms which is surreal and lyrical. Her works remind viewers of “artistic being.”

It is a painting but not pictorial at the same time, as she uses gravity to create agravic space which allows various interpretations from multiple angles. Instead of brushstrokes, the gravity draws the painting over the delicate layers of paint. The abstract forms reveal from the carefully calculated process: it’s a repetitive work of pouring, tilting, dripping, and drying that produces tension and vague, sentimental feelings.

She intends to catch a moment of tension and excitement through organic flows. Her artwork is created with an exquisite blend of small amounts of pigments, various kinds of transparent mediums, acrylic paints, and the flow of time. She constructs the condensed temporality on the surface of the painting. Through the posed, but the simultaneously active flow of the paint, she reconstructs the plane with multiple overlapping layers. By revealing the moving clotty-lumpy shapes, the layers of images arise excitement and emotional tension.

“The contour of the image is not fixed but slides into the mysterious moment between segments. However, the working method of Hong is the opposite. Rather, it progresses with thorough calculation and intention. The calculated slope of the canvass, the transparency created by having certain amount of paint float on top of another layer and the next, and the timelines acquired through this. Through these elements, a layer is a form yet something that exists as the afterimage of the next form. This sort of structure can be recognized as another form. However, as these layers become accumulated, the whole screen is recognized as the fluid image that slowly evolves. Even when trying to define it by segmenting it into a minimum unit, it evolves towards yet another point. Reiteration and overlap, exposure and concealment, that is, meaning is achieved by ‘layers’, not by ‘a layer.’”

– Excerpt from critic by Dae-Beom Lee, Art critic



Hong holds B.F.A. and M.F.A. from Hong-Ik University, in Seoul. She also studied at Pratt Institute, the Graduate School of Art, in New York. Her artwork can be found across the world from the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea to the Conrad Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul, and the Korean Embassy in Hague and Delhi.




1995  MFA Pratt Institute, The Graduate School of Art, New York, USA

1992  MFA Hong-Ik University, The Graduate School of Art, Seoul, Korea

1990  BFA Hong-Ik University, College of Art, Seoul, Korea


2020  Space Moon, Songdo, Korea

2020  Paralogue, Banyan Tree club, Seoul, Korea

2019  Equilibrium, NYB Gallery, Kirkland ,WA, USA

2019  Sooyeon Hong, Indipress gallery, Seoul, Korea

2018  Abstract: Intrinsic, Space So, Seoul, Korea

2018  Between forms, Song Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2016  Bundo Gallery, Daegu, Korea

2016  AG Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2015  Gallery Royal, Seoul, Korea

2011  Ryu Gllaery, Seoul, Korea

2010  Plant Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2009  the Room-Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

2007  Bundo Gallery, Daegu, Korea

2005  Gallery IHN, Seoul, Korea                             

2003  White Wall Gallery, Seoul, Korea        

2002  Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea

2001  Posco Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

1996  Sunnen Gallery, New York, USA.

1992  Sonamoo Gallery, Seoul, Korea


2020  Time of Peace Works by Women Artists, HK Art & Antiques, New York, U.S.A

2019  dwell in DR, drawing room, Seoul, Korea

2019  Huue contemporary, Asia square, Singapore

2018  Salon, Nook Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2018  Hommage to Posco, Posco Museum, Seoul, Korea

2017  Dialogue, Nook gallery, Seoul,, Korea

2014  Small is Beautiful, Flowers Gallery, New York, USA

2014  Floweing Island, Nefs Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014  Huue Opening Exhibition, Gallery Huue, Singapore

2013  Corporeity, Sooyeon Hong & Hunchung Lee, BK Gallery, Seoul

2013  Aesthetic Categories, wumin art center, Cheongju, Korea

2013  Black Square, 101 Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2013  Vessels, LWL-industriemuseum, Dortmund, Germany

2012  Korean Eye, Saatchi gallery, London, U.K.

2012  Sporadic Positioning, Arario Gallery, Cheonan, Korea

2012  Gefabe, Stiftung Zollverein, Essen, Germany

2011  A Pleasure with Dear Friends!, Posco Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2011  Phyomai, Bridge Gallery, Seoul, Korea 2010 Cycle & Recycle, Interalia, Seoul, Korea

2011  21&Their Times, Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea

2011  Art Docking Spot, Woomyung Museum, Hanam, Korea

2011  Image of Exchange Value, Artspace Hue, Seoul, Korea

2009  Artist Gallery-Fleeting, Museum of Art, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

2009  Wonderful Pictures, Ilmin Museum, Seoul, Korea

2008  To Have or To Be, Korea Foundation, Ireland, Portugal, Hong Kong

2008  Dazed & Painted, Seomi & Tuus Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2008  Sooyeon Hong, Saeng-gon Han & Jae-hyo Lee, Gallery Indipress, Busan, Korea

2008  Multi-Colored Sentiments, gallery zandari, Seoul, Korea

2007  MoA-picks: reminiscing the medium-a ‘post-’syndrome, Seoul National Unversity, Seoul, Korea

2007  Post Feminity with Mine, Yoo Art Space, Seoul, Korea

2006  Sooyeon Hong & Hwan-Kwon Yi, Paik Hae Young Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2005  Blue, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2005  Korean Modernism, Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea

2005  Korean-Japan Interchange Exhibition, Hangaram Museum, Museum of Tokyo National University, Seoul &Tokyo

2004  Flower Flows Flowery, Artinus Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2004  Cutting Edge, Seoul Acution House, Seoul, Korea

2003  Sense & Sensibility, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea

2003  Pronto, C/O, Milan, Italy

2003  Dreamy Hive, Space Zip, Seoul, Korea

2003  Intro, Gallery IHN, Seoul, Korea

2002  Surface, Chun Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2002  Picnic, Public Project-The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwachun, Korea

2001 New York Academy of Art’s Annual Benefit Art Auction, New York, U.S.A.

2000  NY Independent Art Fair, New York, U.S.A.

2001  Im-Pregnancy, Fine Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2001  White, Nikolai Fine Art, New York, U.S.A.

2001  Terra Sacrare,Puffin Room, New York, U.S.A.

1999  Surface Structure, Nikolai Fine Art, New York, U.S.A.

1999  Summer Group Show, Painting Center, New York, U.S.A.

1998  Artist for Gardens, Puck Building, New York, U.S.A.

1998  Art Exchange Show, 2 Broadway, New York, U.S.A.

1997  Today’s Vision, H.Heather Edelman Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

1997  Vision 21, Half Concert Hall, New York, U.S.A.

1996  Dialogue of Consciousness, Eighth Floor Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

1996  smallabstractartworks, 450 B’way Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

1996  Human Invitational Show, Walker Wickiser Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

1996  Studio, 450 Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

1995  Rise & Shine, Cast Iron Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

1995  Non Logo, One Night Stand Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

1994  Inks, Manhattan Graphic Center, New York, U.S.A.

1992  Natural, Human, Art, Sonamoo Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1992  The Presage, Gaain Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1992  Balcony, Gallery 2000, Seoul, Korea

1992  Hong-Ik Print Making Group, Dukwon Gallery, Seoul, Korea


2013  Grant for International Exchange of Art & Culture- Art Council, Korea

2009  Artist Sponsorship of Visual Arts, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture


The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea

Consulate General of The Republic of Korea in Shanghai, China

Embassy of the Republic of Kore in Netherlands, Hague, Netherlands

Embassy of the Republic of Kore in India, New Delhi, India

Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea

Posco Center, Gwangyang, Korea

Samsung Main Building, Seoul, Korea

Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul, Korea

The Westin Chosun Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Haevichi Hotel, Jeju, Korea

IFC Conrad Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Samsung Hotel, Geoje, Korea

Novotel Daegu City Centre, Daegu, Korea

Bobath Memorial Hospital, Bundang, Korea

Handsome Co.Ltd., Seoul, Korea

Lotte Hotel, Ulsan, Korea

Shinsegae Co.Ltd., Seoul, Korea

Kogas Marine Co.Ltd., Incheon, Korea

Wumin art center, Cheongju, Korea

Yonsei Museum, Seoul, Korea

Ananti Cove, Busan,Korea


selected works


2018-2019, Acrylic on Canvas, 194X130cm



2018-2019, Acrylic on Canvas, 194X130cm



2018-2019, Acrylic on Canvas, 194X130cm


Installation View


Intrinsic Dialogue#G03

2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 194x130cm


Intrinsic Dialogue#G02

2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 194x130cm


intrinsic dialogue#5

2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 152.5X142cm


Intrinsic Dialogue#G01

2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 194x130cm


Oxymoron #4

2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 194x145cm



2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 112X91cm


Tonal Dialogue#10

2020, Acrylic on Canvas, 130x100cm



2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 112X91cm


Uncharted Yellow

Acrylic on Canvas, 70x70cm


Uncharted Yellow

Acrylic on Canvas, 70x70cm


Installation View


Installation View


Installation View


Installation View


Installation View


Installation View


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