Koo makes a 'parable' to humans. The author selects materials such as butterflies, glass, sand, flower pots, popcorn, candy and sugar, makes his or her own subjects, and then disposes of them or disappears naturally. Through this process, the final result presented to the observer is a photograph of a subject in which a moment's process is fixed, but the writer's work becomes a "parable" to humans as the work process and the properties of the subject's material are combined.

Just as a beautiful butterfly becomes an inedible worm when it sits on rice, not a flower, the series of <Flower> and <Nabi> showed that changing the position of things can lose conventional value. In the series of <Plotting>, a scene in which a pot for physiognomy erodes human space was created, paradoxically satirizing the human attitude toward nature as an object of conquest. Also, She began filming artificial natural landscapes by hand. By creating flowers and trees using morphologically similar objects, it revealed the ambiguous boundaries between reality and reproduction. <Popcorn> series produced plum blossoms that bloom quickly with popcorn that is fried in an instant, and <Candy> series produced peony flowers wishing for hope with sweet candies. In the series of <Sugar>, we looked back on the plasticity of our existence through sugar ornaments that melt away by making non-functional ornaments into sugar.

She explains In her work note: 'I love things. But unlike when someone says they love nature, love their mother, or love freedom and justice, I'm always a little shy when I say I love things. That's because most of the things I'm hugging are useless. These items are all so-called 'decorations'... Made of cheap materials, these items have become worthless, but they do not cause war or slaughter. These objects, neither for the king nor for the lord, will be called 'decorations' everywhere and disappear peacefully. I make these things again with sugar. It shines golden and flashes like gold, but these ornaments, made by melting sugar, flash under the light without any function, leaving a picture and melting away.'

She has BFA from Dongguk University’s department of Indian Philosophy and Seoul Institute of the Art’s department of Photography. Her work is a part of the collection at National museum of Contemporary Art and Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in Republic of Korea.




1994  B.A. Dept. of Indian philosophy, Dongguk University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

1997  B.F.A. Dept. of Photography, Seoul Institute of the Arts, Seoul, Republic of Korea



2015  Sugar, Gallery YEH, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2009  Candy, Trunk Gallery, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2007  Popcorn, Ssamzigil Gallery, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2005  Plant Container, Project Space Zip, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2004  Sand, Duckwon Gallery, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2001  Glass, KEPCO Gallery, Seoul, Republic of Korea                                               

2000  Butterfly, Seonam Photo Space, Seoul, Republic of Korea



2020  Flower, Flower, Flower, Seoul Batanic Park, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2019  Visual Delights, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, Republic of Korea

2018  8th Yeosu Art Festival, Yeosu, Republic of Korea

2018  Botanica, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Republic of Korea

2018  Eye Opening, Gallery Lux, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2017  Variants of Objects, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, Republic of Korea

2016  DNA, Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Republic of Korea

2015  Accidental Encounter, Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2014  Photo Sight, National Museum of Modern Art, Gwacheon, Republic of Korea

2013  Love Actually, Seoul Museum, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2012  Art and Cook, Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2011  Hello Tomorrow, CAIS gallery, Hongkong

2010  10th Photo Festival - after 2010, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2010  The Asia Pacific Contemporary Art fair, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai

2010  Oh! Masterpieces, Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Ansan, Republic of Korea

2009  Korean Contemporary Photo Now, 798 space gallery, Beijing

2009  Serotonin, Seoul museum of art, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2009  Photo Korea 2009 - Shooting image, Coex, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2009  Dream factory, Gana Art center, Busan, Republic of Korea

2008  Contemporary Korean photographs, National museum of art, Gwacheon, Republic of Korea

2008  New Acquisitions collection reconstructed, Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Ansan, Republic of Korea

2008  The Big and hip Korean Photography Now, Gallery Ro, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2008  Reversion, Gallery IHN, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2007  Asian young artists, Gallery MOA, Heyri, Republic of Korea

2007  Dream space, Gallery NOW, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2006  Digital mise-en-scene, Hakgojae, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2006  Ultra Sence-Seoul International Photo Festival, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2006  SeMa 2006 ; Selected Emerging Artist, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2005  Snow Blossom, Gallery Ssamzigil, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2005  Domestic Drama, Project Space Zip, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2005  Pop up Image, Heyri Spring Festival, Paju, Republic of Korea

2004  Flower Flows Flowery, Artinus gallery, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2004  Red rose & POSCO, Posco ArtMuseum, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2003  Dong-gang Photo Festival-Korean young 60 photograpers, Yeongwol, Republic of Korea

2003  Art and Playing, Seoul Art center Hangaram Museum, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2003  Delicious Museum, Insa Art center, Seoul, Republic of Korea

2002  New Face Total Museum, Janghung, Republic of Korea



Public Collection

National museum of Contemporary Art, Art Bank, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Republic of Korea

selected works

Candy Series p.04

2010, Light jet c-print, 120x147cm


Candy Series p.05

2010, Light jet c-print, 80x98cm / 120x147cm


Candy Series v.03

2010, Light jet c-print, 65x90 / 110x150cm


Candy Series v.04

2010, Light jet c-print, 65x90 / 110x150cm


Candy Series c.08

2019, Light jet c-print, 75x100 / 120x150cm


Candy Series c.07

2019, Light jet c-print, 75x100 / 120x160 / 150x200cm


Candy Series c.04

2009, Light jet c-print, 60x90 / 150x100cm


Candy Series c.06

2019, Light jet c-print, 75x100 / 120x160 / 150x200cm


Candy Series d.01

2011, Light jet c-print, D 110cm


Candy Series d.04

2013, Light jet c-print, D 70cm


Candy Series R.03

2013, Light jet c-print, 80x100 / 160x200cm


Candy Series g.01

2017, Light jet c-print, 80x98 / 120x147cm






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