Insun Choi’s practice centres on a strong art consciousness and self-revolutionary introspection. For him, painting itself has the power to connect, expand and enhance human sensitivity; hence, new imageries are generated constantly in his paintings such as interior sceneries, nature and figurines. The new and recent works trace the artist’s pursuit on painting. Through his multimedia practice of painting - encompassing painting, printing, redesigning, drawing and sketching - Choi’s works constantly move between the abstract and poetic, figurative and realistic. Through these investigations, the artist expands his meaning on the act of painting as well as the visual language of painting in depth.

Insun Choi (b.1964) studied at State University of New York for MFA, and in recent years, the artist has found and established Incarnation Cultural Arts Foundation Art. Insun Choi has held numerous solo exhibitions locally and internationally such as gallery dooin (Seoul, Korea), Sophis Gallery(Seoul, Korea), Star Gallery(Seoul, Korea), Window Gallery(Qingdao, China), The Trinity Gallery(Seoul, Korea), Are Art Center(Seoul, Korea), Gallery 3(Seoul, Korea) and many more. Also Insun Choi participated in many group exhibitions - ‘The Gaze of Contemporary Art’ at Yangpyeong Art Museum(Yangpyeong, Korea), ‘Rediscovery of Colors’ at Museum San (Wonju, Korea), ‘巍巍’ at Ponetive Space (Paju, Korea), and ‘Y’s Collections’ at Gallery Yeh(Seoul, Korea). Choi’s works are currently collected at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art(MMCA), Seoul Museum of Art(SeMA), Gwangju Museum of Art, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Leeum Museum of Art, and Hankook-Ilbo. His works have previous auction records at both Sotheby’s, New York(USA) and Christie's Auction, Hong Kong.





Established Incarnation Cultural Arts Foundation Art Award 2018

Research Professor, Drew University, New Jersey



M.F.A, State University of New York, New York



2016  Gallery Dooin, Seoul, Korea

2016  Sophis gallery, Seoul, Korea

2015  Star gallery, Seoul, Korea

2015  Window gallery, Qingdao, China

2015  The Trinity gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014  Ara Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2014  Gallery 3, Seoul, Korea

2013  Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea

2012  Demy gallery, Gwangju, Korea

2011  Severance Art Space, Seoul, Korea

2011  Gallery Dooin, Seoul, Korea

2010  Seohwa gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010  Gallery Dooin, Seoul, Korea

2009  Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea

2008  Hakgojae gallery, Seoul, Korea

2007  The Firehouse Gallery, New York, US

2006  Art Bank Gallery, New Jersey, US

2006  Jin Art, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

2005  Woong gallery, Seoul, Korea

2005  Seo gallery, Seoul, Korea

2004  Rho gallery, Seoul, Korea

2003  Heidi cho Gallery, New York, US

2003  Dorothy Young Center for the Arts, New Jersey, US

2003  Albert shahinian Gallery, New York, US

2001  Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea

2001  Woong gallery, Seoul, Korea

2001  Seoshin gallery, Jeonju, Korea

2000  Seohwa gallery, Seoul, Korea

2000  Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea

2000  Artinus gallery, Seoul, Korea

2000  Gung-dong gallery, Gwangju, Korea

1998  Water Mark Cargo Gallery, New York, US

1998  Unison Gallery, New York, US

1997  Arario gallery, Cheonan, Korea

1997  百想紀念館 (Invitation Exhibit-Hankook Ilbo), Seoul, Korea

1997  SUNY College Art Gallery, New York, US

and many others



2019  Singapore Affordable Artfair, F1 Pit Building, 1 Republic Boulevard, Singapore

2017  Museum San, Wonju, Korea

2017  Breeze Art Fair, Sejong Center for Performing Arts, Seoul, Korea

2017  Art Festa Art Fair, Geonggi Art in Bella Citta Ilsan, Korea

2013  Print Bakery, Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2013  Girls, Be Ambitious, Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012  Face Unlock, Gana Art Jang Heung Art Park, Jangheung, Korea

2012  The Multiple Self, Gallery Lee & Bae, Busan, Korea

2012  Young Artist Exhibition, Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012  Painter’s chair, Insa Artcenter, Seoul, Korea

2011  The 11th Korean Contemporary Art Festival, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2011  Seoul Auction Cutting Edge 2011, Gana Art, Hotel Novotel Ambassador, Busan, Korea

2011  Seoul Auction Cutting Edge 2011, Gana Art, Horim Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2011  Art Revolution 2011, Taipei World Trade Tower Center, X-Power gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2011  Art Festival, Andong Art Center, Andong, Korea

2011  2011 Doors Art fair, Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul, South Korea

2011  Step up, Lina Gallery in Seoul, South Korea

2010  Dobae exhibition, Door gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010  New Start, Chang Jark gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010  Blue Project, Gallery J-one, Daegu, Korea

2010  Young Artists exhibition, Gallery a-cube, Korea

2010  Busan Biennale, Soul art space, Busan, Korea

2010  ASYAAF 2010, Sungshin Women's University, Seoul, Korea

2010  Star & blue Artist Hotel Art Fair 2010, Millenium Seoul Hilton Hotel, Seoul, Korea

2010  2010 Doors Art fair, Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul, Korea

2010  Daegu Art Fair 2010, Daegu Expo Korea, Daegu, Korea

2009  ASYAAF 2009, Sungshin Women's University, Seoul, Korea

2009  Dream Project, Gallery Godo, Seoul, Korea

2009  The 1st Momentum , Seoul, Korea

2009  Seoul Modern Art Show Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2008  Young Start, Gallery Young, Seoul, South Korea

2008  Art expo LAS VEGAS 2008, Las Vegas,  US

2008  Autumn in New York, Hun Gallery,  New York, US

2008  Korea Daily Chicago, Chicago, US

2008  RESONANT 2008, New York, US



2005  SEO Art Awards

2003  Ha Jong-Hyun Art Awards

2002  Today's Young Artist Awards

1996  The 2nd Hankook Ilbo Young Artist Awards

1994  The 3rd Grand Art Exhibition of Korea

1992  Chung-Ang Art Awards



National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art(MMCA), Korea

Seoul Museum of Art(SeMA), Korea

Gwangju Museum of Art, Korea

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea

Leeum Museum of Art, Korea

Hankook-Ilbo, Korea

Kumho Cultural Foundation, Korea

Gwangju High Prosecutors' Office, Korea

Tower Palace, Korea

Star Tower, Korea

Mauna Ocean, Korea

Paradise hotel, Korea


selected works

Museum Interior

2021-22, Oil on Canvas, 194x259cm


Museum Interior

2021-22, Oil on Canvas, 194x259cm


Detail View


Detail View


Detail View


Detail View



Face is Painting — The Futile Particles of Renaissance and Eternity

2017-20, Oil on Canvas, 194x259cm


Face is Painting — Refracted Desire

2017-20, Oil on Canvas, 194x259cm


Face is Painting — Ice Window

2018-21, Oil on Canvas, 194x259cm


Face is Painting — Nam June Paik Knew that Cezanne's Apple was Inedible

2017-20, Oil on Canvas, 194x259cm


Democracy is in Both Left and Right Hands

2017-20, Oil on Canvas, 194x259cm





Gogh's Woman

2018-21, Oil on Canvas, 130.3x194cm


A Journey that Gogh is Dreaming of

2018-21, Oil on Canvas, 130.3x194cm



A Growing Dream and 1/30 Seconds of Sunlight

2021, Oil on Canvas, 162.2x130.3cm


A Growing Dream and 1/30 Seconds of Sunlight

2021, Oil on Canvas, 162.2x130.3cm










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