Donghae Kim | 김동해

Donghae Kim says he is fascinated by the metal. The materiality of metal itself is inherently strong and hard, which enables the artist to create an efficient and strong structure. The color and gloss of the metal can express the various physical feelings of the metal. The artist explains that there are various expressions that can be expressed through the physical traits of metals: strong, hard, cold, soft, warm.

His work is recognized for being metallic objects useing metals to express nature and the scenes of everyday existence. For ornamental usage, Kim’s work is complementary in the relations with the vicinity of the deployment throughout the form. Kim uses the element of condensation to be stronger background to the material things and focus more on structure that will be through the work.

Everything he observes and feels from his daily life is an inspiration. This sense of serenity lies in Kim’s practice of making linear and structural forms with brass and stone. Kim focuses on the elements of lines and curves instead of surfaces and volumes that sculptures tend to fundamentally have.

In his work <Symbiosis>, the artistives the meaning of "coexistence” as well as the relationship between the surroundings. The structure of the work that completes the whole through the joints and joints of the parts is reminiscent of materials and objects, non-visible connections between people and places, and scalability.


He has BFA and Master’s Course in Metal Craft at Kookmin University. He has exhibited his work nationally and internationaaly at Korea Institute for Craft Culture (KCDF) Window Gallery, OA SEOUL, COEX, Portsheim and more. He won Cheongju Crafts Biennale 'Familiarity and Newness', Cheongju 2013 Excellent Artist and the 38th Toys Designed by Artists.





2020  Graduate School of Metal Craft, Kookmin University School of Metal Craft

2017  German student exchange at Portzheim School

2013  Kookmin University Graduate from Formative University, Department of Metal Craft



2021  "Daily Landscape", Korea Institute for Craft Culture (KCDF) Window Gallery, Seoul

2021  Garden Gathering, OA SEOUL, Seoul

2021  "Intellectual", Small Table, FE26, Seoul


2020  PLAY LIST, Craft Trend Fair Brand Hall, COEX, Seoul

2020  LIGHTING 12+, Geumchae, Seoul

2020  "Nae-tem," Korea Craft Culture Foundation (KCDF) Special Exhibition, KCDF Gallery, Seoul

2020  Root Metalica, Eulji Arts Center, Seoul

2020  Kidduk Kiduck, Jiaga, Seoul.

2020  "Lightingale" by Jiaga, Seoul, 2020.

2020  Comedy 'Small_', Kraft on the Hill, Seoul

2019  Kookmin University Graduate School General Graduate School Master's Degree in Metal Crafts 'Plant-type LED Decorative Lighting', Kookmin University Formative Gallery, Seoul

2017  LUXUS!?, Portsheim, Germany.

2016  Euljiro Light Way, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul

2015  Home Table Decor Fair, COEX, Seoul

2015  Euljiro Light Way, Sewoon Shopping Center, Seoul

2015  'Upcycling Project_Rebirth of Engineers', Hartist, Seoul

2014  Formative Metal Crafts Association Regular Exhibition 'ID: Metal Crafts', Noam Gallery, Seoul

2014  "DAF Design Art Fair", Seoul Arts Center

2014  "Craft Dream" Triple-Aged Writers

2013  'Craft Sympathy', Bogomaterials, Seoul

2013  'Craft Trend Fair', COEX, Seoul

2013  Cheongju Crafts Biennale 'Familiarity and Newness', Cheongju

2013  Kraft Dream 'Living Space and Things', Chiu Metal Crafts Hall, Seoul

2013  Fun Ceramics, Expo Seraphia Creation Center, Icheon

2013  Seoul Living Design Fair, COEX, Seoul

2012  Seoul Design Festival, COEX, Seoul

2012  '38th Toys Designed by Artists', Arkansas Arts Center, America

2012  Korea Handmade Fair, COEX, Seoul


2013  Entrance, Cheongju Crafts Biennale 'Familiarity and Newness', Cheongju

2013  Excellent Artist, Kraft Dream Living Space and Things, Chiu Metal Crafts Hall, Seoul

2012  '38th Toys Designed by Artists', Arkansas Arts Center, America

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