Chanil Kim is an artist who is drawing attention by pioneering a new genre of painting objects and decalizing screens with techniques that express unique shapes such as circles, crosses, and ellipses, with small pieces lined up on the polished canvas surface with sophisticated and subtle colors.

The most prominent characteristics of Kim’s work are the irregular contour and unique forms of lines that run across the flat canvas in such a way that the forms pop towards the audience.  Kim’s works consist of the essence of any painting- simple dots and lines. 

Kim creates his work filling the canvas with small black paper board pieces of various heights which are adhered to the plane in regular gaps under a meticulous plan. After that he repeatedly layered the paper and peeled off of oil paint or pigment powder. Lastly, a layer of metallic monotonous color is carefully laid on the final touch. This unique approach is a trademark that Kim has nurtured over the years.

The recent works of Kim emphasize much more on objects and post painterly abstraction. He adhered objects and oil paints doggedly and then minced them thinly. The skin-like canvas dramatically stimulate the viewer’s senses of touch and sight. Kim’s works are flitting on the boundary of sculpture and painting to obscure it. Eventually, they have a new physical property. These bas-relief paintings are not only optical but also kinetic. – Excerpt from critic by Park,Young Taek (Art Critic,Kyonggi Univ)

Kim has BFA and MFA from Hong-Ik University’s department of Painting and State University of New York’s department of Painting. He is currently a professor of painting at Hongik University.

His work is part of collection of many government and private museums and collections, including National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea, Seoul Museum of Art in Korea, Swiss Embassy at the United Nations, Turkey Embassy, Argentina Embassy, Walker Hill Hotel, Samsung, Hyundai I-Park, Hyundai I Office, ASEM Tower,Seoul, Scott Squre ,Singapore, Mandarin Oriental Hotel,Taipei, Le Meridian Hotel,China, Park Hyatt Hotel and Hai Nan Dao in China.




1994  Graduate School of Fine Arts, State Univ. of New York, at New Paltz. Painting, (M.F.A.)

1990  Graduate School of Fine Arts, Hong-Ik University, Painting, (M.F.A.)

1986  College of Fine Arts, Hong-Ik University, Painting, (B.F.A.)



2019  INFINITI LINES, Busan, Korea



2014  Gallery Huue, Singapore

2013  Gallery Shin Hwa, HongKong

2012  Gallery White Block, Heiri.

2010  Gallery Mano, Seoul

2008  Gallery Rho, Seoul

2007  Galerie Bhak, Seoul

2005  Galerie Bhak, Seoul

2002  Galerie Bhak, Seoul

2001  Gallery S.P, Seoul

2000  Garam Gallery, Seoul

1999  Fusion Gallery, Seoul

1998  Dong Ah Gallery, Seoul

1997  Moran Gallery, Seoul

1996  Kong Pyong Art Center, Seoul

1996  Gallery 2000, Seoul

1996  Gallery Grimshy, Suwon, Korea

1994  College Art Gallery, New York

1991  The Korean Culture & Arts Foundation Art Center, Seoul

1991  Tae Baek Gallery, Taegu, Korea

1991  Gallery Icon, Seoul

1990  Hilton Art Gallery, Seoul

1989  Batanggol Gallery, Seoul

1989  Indeco Gallery, Seoul

1988  Batanggol Gallery, Seoul




2020  Begin to make a poem (詩作 의 始作), Seoul, Korea

2018  ART BASEL, Convention Center, Hong Kong

2016  Singapore Art Stage,Marina Bay Sands Convention Center,Singapore

2016  Busan International Art Fair, Bexco,Busan

2015  NOW US SUWON (Suwon  I Park Museum of Art,SuWon)

2015  Changwon Asia Art Festival(SunSan Art Hall)

2015  KIAF  Korea International Art Fair, Coex,Seoul

2015  Busan International Art Fair, Bexco,Busan

2014  KIAF Korea International Art Fair, Coex,Seoul

2014  Busan International Art Fair, Bexco,Busan

2014  HongIk Univ Faculty Exhibition(HongIk Museum of Art, Seoul,Korea)

2013  New City Art Fair, H.P.F,Taipei

2013  KIAF    Korea International Art Fair, Coex,Seoul

2013  Landscape+Nostalgia Gallery Harbour,Hongkong

2013  Busan International Art Fair, Bexco,Busan

2013  Re.Now , Gallery Choi,Seoul

2013  Generation,  Homa ,Seoul

2012  Art Edition2012  Coex,Seoul

2012  City Garden    Posco Gallery, Song Do

2012  KIAF  Korea International Art Fair, Coex,Seoul

2012  Mentor,Mentee  Hanwon Art Museum,Seoul

2012  HongIk International Art Fair,HongIk Art Center,Seoul

2011  Existence and Change, Donghai University Art Gallery, Taiwan

2011  Seoul Art Association Exhibition,SeMA,Seoul

2010  Busan Biennale, Now ! Asian Artist,Busan Cultural Center, Busan

2010  Shanghai Art Fair ,Shahghai Mart, Chaina

2010  HongIk Univ Professor Works,HongIk Musium of Art,Seoul

2010  KyungKi Art Project  KyungKi Art Musium.KyungKi Do

2010  Financial News Art Exhibition,SeJong Art Center.Seoul

2009  Peace Dream Art Festival, Andalucía,Spain

2009  korean Contemporary Art , HanWon Musium, Seoul

2009  korean Contemporary Art by 100 artists,WooRim Gallery,Seoul

2009  Sees a poem from picture inside,Aka Gallery,JeonJu

2009  Yoo Art Space,Seoul

2009  Origin Painting Association Exhibition,HanJeon Art Plaza,Seoul

2009  Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul

2008  N Gallery Opening celebration preview, N Gallery, Seoul

2008  Direction of Contemporary Art, Suwon Art Gallery, Suwon

2008  Practice of love, Gallery Wa, Yang-pyung

2008  Catholic artist association, Seoul

2008  Sympathy, zero field gallery, Beijing, China

2008  Mano`s friends, Gallery Mano, Seoul

2008  Hello, Noam Gallery, Seoul

2008  Love flowing, Chung-Jak Gallery, Seoul

2008  KIAF2008, COEX, Seoul

2008  Korean Middle East forum 2008" Beauty of Korea", Egypt Cairo Opera  House, Egypt

2007  Art Family in Korea, Korea Art Center, Seoul

2007  Art Chicago 2007, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, U.S.A

2007  Tong-In Gallery, Seoul

2007  Seoul Art Festival, COEX, Seoul

2007  NewYork Asia Contemporary Art Fair, NewYork, U.S.A

2007  Sees a poem from picture inside, IN-Sa Art Center, Seoul

2007  Mano Preview, Gallery Mano, Seoul

2007  LIVING&ART, Gallery Yoon, Seoul

2006  Art Chicago 2006, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, U.S.A

2006  Big paintings, Gallery Mano, Seoul

2006  Paju Open Art Festival, Kyoungkido

2006  Aspect of korean Contemporary Art by 23 artists, Gallery Chai, Heyri

2006  ARCO, Galerie Bhak, IFEMA, Madrid, Spain

2006  Art Cologne 2006, Kolnmesse, Germany

2006  Heyri Art Festival, Book Art Gallery, Kyoungkido

2005  Interchange, National Art School, Sydney

2005  Art Cologne 2005, Galerie Bhak, Koln Messe, Germany

2005  Art Chicago 2005, Galerie Bhak, Navy Pier, Chicago, U.S.A

2005  San Francisco International Art Exposition 2005, Galerie Bhak,

2005  Fort Mason Center, U.S.A

2005  Seoul Art Festival, Seoul Museum of Art

2005  The New Stream of Korea Art, Moran Gallery, Seoul

2004  Friendship : Japan-Korea, Motozabu Gallery, Japan

2004  Art Cologne 2004, Galerie Bhak, Köln Messe, Germany

2004  The Maternal Affection in Painting, Chung Jark Gallery, Seoul

2004  The Path of Contemporary Art, Kyongki Art Center, Suwon

2004  The Formation of Contemporary Art, Suwon Art Center, Kyongkido

2004  Art Chicago 2004, Gelerie Bhak, Navy Pier, Chiago, U.S.A

2004  San Francisco International Art Exposition 2004, Galerie Bhak,

2004  Fort Mason Center, U.S.A

2004  Traveling Art Museum, National Museum of Art, Seoul

2004  KIAF 2004: Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul

2004  Origin Painting Association Exhibition, Danwon Art Museum, Kyongkido

2004  Contemporary Art From Korea, Kenya Embassy

2003  Art Chicago 2003, Gelerie Bhak, Navy Pier, Chiago, U.S.A

2003  San Francisco International Art Exposition 2003, Galerie Bhak,

2003  Fort Mason Center, U.S.A

2003  NICAF 2003, Galerie Bhak, Tokyo, Japan

2003  Print Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

2003  KIAF 2003 : Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul

2003  Origin Painting Association Exhibition, Jebiwool Museum, Kyongkido

2003  Gallery Mano Opening Show, Seoul

2003  Inner Resource and Beauty of Contemporary Art, Hyundai Arts Center, Woolsan

2003  International Exchange of Contemporary Painting : Japan-Korea, King Sejong Cultural Hall, Seoul

2003  Small Paintings, Galerie Bhak, Seoul

2003  One Painting and One Furniture, Yoo Art Space, Seoul

2002  Breathing Exhibition, Sagan Gallery, Seoul

2002  Korean Painting, Direction and Survey Exhibition, Korea Gallery, Seoul

2002  Catholic Artists Association Exhibition, Gana Art Center, Seoul

2002  Seoul Living Art Fair, COEX Art Display Room, Seoul

2002  Print Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Seoul

2002  Contemporary Art From Korea, Ecoador, Peru, Argentina, Mexico

2002  Melbourne Art Fair 2002, Galerie Bhak, Melbourne, Australia

2002  Art Cologne 2002, Galerie Bhak, Köln Messe, Germany

2002  Spirit of Korea, Victoria Gallery, Australia

2002  Seoul Auction Fair 2002, Gana Art Center, Seoul

2002  Asia International Art Exhibition, Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art

2002  Origin Painting Association Exhibition, Exhibition Premise, King Sejong Cultural Hall, Seoul

2001  Networking Project. Com, Fine Art Center, Seoul

2001  Print Art Fair, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul

2001  Art Couples, Gallery Seoho, Seoul

2001  Daewoo Construction and its Family Artists, Daewoo Housing Plaza, Seoul

2000  Hyundai Department Store Art Fair, Hyundai Art Gallery, Seoul

2000  Origin 2000 Good Morning, Gallery Sang, Seoul

2000  Contemporary Print Association Exhibition;, "Today's Print 2000", Pusan Cultural Center

2000  Hong-Ik Print Association Exhibition, Gallery Sang, Seoul

2000  Exchange Exhibition for the 10th Anniversary of the Amity, Between Korea and Bulgaria, Sophia Municipal Museum, Bulgaria

2000  Kwangju Bienalle Special Exhibition, Kwangju Metropolitan Museum, Kwangju

2000  Paris - New York - Seoul Exhibition, Gallery Chung, Seoul

2000  Exchange Exhibition for the 10th Anniversary of the Amity Between Korea and Bulgaria, Contemporary Museum of Art, Hong-Ik University, Seoul

2000  Contemporary Korean Print Association, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul

1999  Recovery of Paintings-The Leading Artists of 21c Korean, Contemporary Art, Sungkok Museum, Seoul

1999  Korean-Chinese Contemporary Prints, China

1999  Korean Contemporary Artist, Internet Gallery, 21C Art & Environment research institute

1999  ORIGIN Group Exhibition, Seoul Municipal Museum of Art, Seoul

1999  Invitational Exhibition of 150 Artists, Lotte Art Gallery, Seoul

1999  Self-portrait of 1999, Gallery Fusion, Seoul

1999  Hong-Ik Print Makers' Group Exhibition, Sang Gallery, Seoul

1999  OH! KOREA Exhibition, Sang Gallery, Seoul

1999  Kwangju Art festival, Biennale Hall, Kwangju

1999  100 Artists Exhibition, Se Jong Art Hall, Seoul

1999  Korean Contemporary Print Makers' Group Exhibition, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Seoul

1999  Seoul Print Art Fair, Art Center, Seoul

1999  May Art Fair, Garam Art Gallery, Seoul

1999  Fine Art Exhibition, Shinsegae Gallery, Inchon




National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

Swiss Embassy at the United Nations

Turkey Embassy

Argentina Embassy

Walker Hill Hotel


Hyundai I-Park

Hyundai I Office

ASEM Tower,Seoul

Scott Squre ,Singapore

Mandarin Oriental Hotel,Taipei

Le Meridian Hotel,China

Park Hyatt Hotel ,Hai Nan Dao, China


selected works


2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 162x112cm



2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 162x112cm


Line 190905GG

2019, Pigment on Canvas, 100x100 cm



2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 140x140cm


Installation View



2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 120x180cm


Installation View


Installation View




2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 162x112cm



2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 162x112cm


Line 170603

2017, Accrylic on Canvas, 162x112cm


Line 170604

2017, Accrylic on Canvas, 162x112cm



2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 90x90cm



2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 90x90cm



2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 90x90cm



2015, Acrylic, Pigment on Canvas, 170x120cm



2015, Acrylic, Pigment on Canvas, 170x120cm



2015, Acrylic, Pigment on Canvas, 80x80cm



2015, Acrylic, Pigment on Canvas, 80x80cm



2012, Oil on Paper, 70x150cm




Line 190902BW

2019, Pigment on Canvas, 162x112cm


Line 180404BW

2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50cm


Line 180405WB

2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 50x50cm


Line 190901WB

2019, Pigment on Canvas, 162x112cm


Line 171105PB

2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 90x90cm


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