Casper Kang | 캐스퍼 강

As a second generation Korean-Canadian, Casper Kang has always been fascinated by - yet mostly unfamiliar - with Korean culture. His early artwork focused on the symbolic cultural imagery of traditional Korean culture, reinterpreting Minhwa (Korean folk painting) and other ancient Korean subjects as complex exercises in composition and meticulous execution.

As Kang continued living in Seoul, his work underwent dramatic phases of transformation, including increasingly abstract renditions of natural imagery, and finally arrived at its current direction which aligns with his view of modern Korean culture. It is a process-driven creation which manipulates not the imagery, but the materiality or physical construct of the Minhwa paintings which inspired his early works — Hanji (Korean mulberry paper), which Minhwa would typically be painted on. His new process manifested itself as meditative acts of repetitive destruction of Hanji, which includes tearing, burning, shredding, bleaching, and fraying.

His present artistic output focuses on the meaninglessness of all things that its meaningless in and of itself is what defines any meaning it may possibly possess. Through the "destruction" of hanji, the material medium of ancient Korean imagery, Kang attempts to empty the inherent meanings of portrayed objects and symbols of culture, rendering them as inverted material, as hollow vessels aspiring to be filled with the meaninglessness of all things.

Casper Kang received bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Carleton University. The artist has previously held 11 solo exhibitions along with over 30 group shows at venues such as Coreana Art Museum, Daelim Museum, Kyobo Art Space and M Contemporary. He has collaborated with variety of entities including Amore Pacific, Adidas, RYSE Hotel and Gentlemonster’s beauty brand- Tamburins.




2004  B.A.S., Carleton University School of Architecture, Ottawa, Canada



2006  HIMMA Architecture, Seoul

2004-2006  SPACE GROUP Architecture, Seoul

2018-2020  IISE, Art Director, Seoul



2018  “Casper Kang”, Jongro Tower x Public Gallery, Seoul

2018  “별의별의별의별”, Sophis Gallery, Seoul

2016  "瑤 池 鏡", Sophis Gallery, Seoul

2015  "Flowers & Fortresses", Studio Concrete, Seoul

2015  "☰" Invitational Exhibition, Gallery IS, Seoul

2014  "Casper Kang", Helio Art Space, Seoul

2013  "新羅 Z", 153 Gallery, Seoul

2012  "MMXII", Gallery AI1, Seoul

2011  "Self Dynasty", Gallery Imazoo, Seoul

2010  “C.R.E.A.M.”, Gallery CHA, Seoul

2009  “Phantasmagoria III”, Daily Projects, Seoul



2020  “Up Close 01”, M Contemporary, Seoul

2020  “Artwave x Dansk”, Dansk Seoul, Seoul

2018  “Yesultong Festival”, Pildong Arts & Culture Street, Seoul

2018  “About Landscapes”, Kyobo Art Space, Seoul

2017  “夢“, Gallery Sai, Seoul

2017  “Art Space No Wave”, Apgujeong Flagship Hyundai Department Store, Seoul

2016  "CCRT Aerospace: The Other Side", Studio Concrete, Seoul

2016  "Chosun Art Treasure Pilgrimage of Lee Cha Do", Jemulpo District, Incheon

2016  "Art Space No Wave", Hyundai Department Store, Daegu

2016  "CCRT Aerospace", Boon the Shop Flagship Store, Seoul

2016  "Between Art", Hyundai Department Store Pangyo, Pangyo

2016  "Time & Time", AK Gallery, Suwon

2016  "Sangsaengjang", Sangsaengjang, Seoul

2016  "Chrysalis", Julian Ongpin Young Artists, Manila

2016  "Log Into the Balance", Hidden M Gallery, Seoul

2015  "Open Studio", Studio Concrete, Seoul

2015  "Adidas Superstar Finale", Daelim Museum, Seoul

2015  "Seoul Fiction", Studio Concrete, Seoul, South Korea

2015  "Adidas Gwangju Opening", Adidas Originals Gwangju Flagship Store, Gwangju, South Korea

2015  "Kaleidoscope Landscape", Danwon Museum, Ansan, South Korea

2015  "특별전", Gallery Imazoo, Seoul

2013  “Creative ©ities”, Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

2013  “Korea Tomorrow - Image Installation”, Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Museum, Seoul

2013  “Take Off Korea 2013”, Interpark Bluesquare Nemo, Seoul

2013  “Fearless”, Able Fine Art NY, New York

2013  "2013 New Generation Seoul", Able Fine Art Seoul, Seoul

2012  "House of Editions", Shinsegae Flagship Gallery, Seoul

2012  "SCAF", Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Museum, Seoul

2012  "8 Seconds Opening Ceremony", 8 Seconds Gallery, Seoul

2012  "Showcase Reboot", Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul

2011  "YMCA", Gallery Imazoo, Seoul

2010  "Spring, We Will Spring", Gallery Imazoo, Seoul

2008  “International Young Artists’ Exhibition”, Coreana Art Museum (Space*C), Seoul



2021  "Art Busan 2021”, BEXCO, Busan

2016  "No Wave Art & Living Fair", Alver, Seoul

2015  “Art Wynwood”, The Art Wynwood Pavillion, Miami

2014  "Art Miami Context", The Art Miami Pavilion, Miami

2014  "Daegu Art Fair", Daegu EXCO, Daegu

2014  "CIGE 2014", China National Convention Center, Beijing

2013  “(KIAF) 2013”, COEX, Seoul

2012  "Daegu Art Fair", Daegu EXCO, Daegu

2012  “New Caledonia Hotel Art Fair", Le Méridien Nouméa, New Caledonia

2012  "Art Edition 2012", COEX, Seoul

2012  "CIGE 2012", China World Trade Center, Beijing



2021  Tamburins Shinsa flagship store artwork

2020  Tamburins Haus Dosan flagship store artwork

2018  RYSE Hotel artwork (226 editions)



2019  ‘A Modern Environment’ IISE x Goretex installation, Seoul Fashion Week

2017-18  Aju Hotel Group “RYSE Autograph Collection (Marriott Hotels)” Artwork Commission

2017  British American Tobacco (Dunhill) GLO Viral Marketing Campaign Artist

2016  Studio Concrete "CCRT Aerospace", Project Artist

2015  Adidas Korea "Adidas Original Superstar" Marketing Campaign Artist

2014  Amore Pacific "Sulwhasoo 10th Anniversary Artist Collaboration"

2014  Opening Ceremony LLC artist collaboration

2013  “Lucky Numbers”, Dynamic Duo 7th studio album cover artwork

2013  ”Zine Tokyo 6”, publication exhibition, BEAMS flagship store, Tokyo / Taipei

2012  Absolut Vodka Korea artist collaboration



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selected works

Byeol 134

2021, Burnt hanji and Acrylic on linen hemp, 130x180cm


Byeol 134

2021, Burnt hanji and Acrylic on linen hemp, 130x180cm


Byeol 78

2021, Burnt hanji and Acrylic on linen hemp, 130x130cm


Byeol 25, 26

2020, Burnt hanji and Acrylic on linen hemp, 40x40cm /50x50cm


Byeol 75

2021, Burnt hanji and Acrylic on linen hemp, 130x130cm


Byeol 75

2021, Burnt hanji and Acrylic on linen hemp, 130x130cm


Byeol 76

2021, Burnt hanji and Acrylic on linen hemp, 110x110cm


Byeol 76

2021, Burnt hanji and Acrylic on linen hemp, 110x110cm


Installation View


Installation View


Byeol 59

2021, Burnt hanji and Acrylic on linen hemp, 40x40cm


Installation View


Byeol 115

2021, Ink, Dak fiber and Forming medium on Linen hemp, 90x90cm


Byeol 115

2021, Ink, Dak fiber and Forming medium on Linen hemp, 90x90cm


Untitled 20-5

2020, Acrylic and Hanji on canvas, 40x50cm


Byeol 33, 34, 35

2021, Burnt hanji and Acrylic on Linen hemp, 91x116cm (EA)


Byeol 54

2021, Burnt hanji and Acrylic on Linen hemp, 110x110cm


Byeol 57

2021, Burnt hanji and Acrylic on Linen hemp, 40x40cm


Byeol 43

2021, Burnt hanji and Acrylic on Linen hemp, 40x50cm


Byeol 44

2021, Burnt hanji and Acrylic on Linen hemp, 40x50cm


Byeol 81

2021, Burnt hanji and Ottchil hanji by Jangjibang on Linen hemp, 73x92cm


Byeol 81

2021, Burnt hanji and Ottchil hanji by Jangjibang on Linen hemp, 73x92cm


Byeol 68

2021, Hanji on Linen hemp, 20x20cm


Byeol 74

2021, Burnt hanji and Bleached hanji on Linen hemp, 130x130cm


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