1997 B.F.A., Dept. of Photography, Seoul Institute of the Arts
1994 B.A., Dept. of Indian philosophy, Dongguk University, Seoul

2015 Sugar galleryYEH, seoul
2009 Candy trunk gallery, seoul
2007 Popcorn ssamzigil gallery, seoul
2005 Plant container project space zip, seoul
2004 Sand duckwon gallery, seoul
2001 Glass KEPCO gallery, seoul
2000 Butterfly seonam photo space, seoul

2022 ART-IST: ways of seeing, BOONTHESHOP CHEONGDAM, Seoul

1 New ways of living for ____, Suwon ipark museum of art, Suwon
2020 flower,flower,flower, Seoul botanic park, Seoul
2019 Visual delights, Gwangju museum of art, Gwangju
2018 8th Yeosu art festival, Yeosu
2018 Botanica, Busan museum of art, Busan
2017 Eye opening, Gallery Lux, Seoul
2017 Variants of objects, Daejeon museum of art, Daejeon
2016 DNA, Daegu art museum, Daegu
2015 Accidental Encounter, Buk seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
2014 Photo sight, National museum of modern art, Gwacheon
2013 Love actually, Seoul museum, Seoul
2012 Art and cook, Sejong museum of art, Seoul
2011 Hello tomorrow, CAIS gallery, Hongkon
2010 10thphotofestival-after2010, GanaArtcenter, Seoul
2010 The Asia Pacific Contemporary Art fair, shanghai exhibition center, Shanghai
2010 Oh! Masterpieces, Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Ansan