1994 Graduated from Chung-Ang University, Majoring Sculpture in the Fine Arts Department, Seoul, Korea    

2002 Studies of Majoring Sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti Brera , Milan, Italy



2020 SPACE, Indang Museum, Daegu, Korea

2018 Kim Sechoong Museum, Seoul, Korea

2017 Walk in the light, MOA Museum, Gonjiam, Korea

2017 Nature, Gallery BK, Seoul, Korea

2016 Dangling.Yearning, Ever harvest art gallery, Taipei

2016 Reflection, 313 Art Project, Seoul, Korea

2015 View-tiful, WooYang Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeongju, Korea

2015 Point of view, CMay Gallery, Los Angeles, US

2015 Chung Hak Dae Museum of Contemporary Art, Anseong, Korea

2014 Point of view - illusion, Gallery IHN, Seoul, Korea

2014 Fiction of the Fabricated Image, Zadok Gallery, Miami, US

2012 Slice of Sensitivity, Gallery ARTSIDE, Seoul, Korea

2011 Endless Enumeration in space, Galerie Andres Thalmann, Zürich, Swiss

2009 Gallery IHN, Seoul, Korea

2009 Gallery Bundo, Daegu, Korea

2008 Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul, Korea

2008 Gallery Sabina, Los Angeles, US

2007 Existence, Arquitectos de Cordova,  Cordova, Spain

2007 Optic Game’, Gallery Artside, Beijing, China

2006 Galeria Arte Contemporanea Jorge Shirley, Lisbon, Portugal

2005 2005 Artist of Today, Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul, Korea

2004 Galeria EDURNE, Madrid, Spain

2003 Galeria Arte Contemporanea Jorge Shirley, Lisbon, Portugal

2003 Gana Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2003 Arte & Manifesto, Porto, Portugal

2002 Rethinking: space time architecture - A dialogue between art and architecture. Parallel to XXI, Galerie Artinprogress, Berlin, Germany

2002 World Congress of Architecture - UIA Berlin 2002, Berline Germany

2001 Galleria Lawrence Rubin, Milan, Italy

1999 Cascina Roma, Sandonato Milanese, Milan, Italy

1999 Gallery Pianissimo, Codogno Lodi, Italy

1998 Gallery Luigi di Sarro, Rome, Italy

1998 Franco Riccardo Artevisive, Napoli, Italy

1998 Gallery U.C.A.I, Milan, Italy

1994 Gallery Seoho, Seoul, Korea



2021 THèSE, Gallery Huue x BOONTHESHOP, Seoul, Korea

2021 Art of the World Gallery Show, Art of the World Gallery, Texas, US

2021 INTO THE FOREST, Nodel Island Space445 Gallery1,2, Seoul, Korea

2020 Leeungno abstraction of text, Leeungno Museum, Hong Seong, Korea

2019  Goryeo:The Glory of Korea, National Museum of Korea, Seoul, Korea

2019 100th Anniversary of Korean Modern & Contemporary Sculpture, Seosomun Shrine History Museum, Seoul, Korea

2019 Water, Life, Imagination, Chosun University Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea

2019 Art Busan, BEXCO, Metaphysical Art Gallery, Busan, Korea 

2019 Art Central HK 2019, Gallery BK, HongKong

2019 Atelier HAN, Geoje Island, Korea

2019 Context Art Miami’, Gallery BK/ Gallery PYO, Miami, US

2019 Seoul Art Expo, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2019 Repetition and Difference : About Time’, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea

2018 Post 88, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2018 Artmining, Palazzo Litta, Milano, Italy

2018 Geometry, Beyond Simplicity, Museum SAN, Ansan, Korea

2018 The Land of Wind, g_childrens Museum, Yongin, Korea

2018 Decorator Showcase 2019, The Showcase House, San Francisco, US

2018 ARTMINING, Grande palais, Paris, France

2018 Daegu art fair, Selo Art Gallery, EXCO Daegu, Korea

2018 Art Miami, Gallery Pyo, Miami, US

2018 International Sculpture Symposium Icheon, Icheon Art Hall, Icheon, Korea

2018 Soul Tree, Oulim Art Gallery, Goyang, Korea

2018 Point, Line, Plane, Cheonan Arts Center Museum of Art, Cheonan, Korea

2018 The coexistence of chaos and cosmos’, KRICT Space C#, Daejeon, Korea

2018 ARTMINING 2018‘, DDP, Seoul, Korea

2017 Art Basel-Lady Dior as seen by, Convention center, HongKong

2017 KIAF(Korea International Art Fair)’, Pyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2017 In·tact, Daegu Art Center, Daegu, Korea

2017 Busan-If you go to Busan, Busan Lotte Gallery, Busan, Korea

2017 Art Miami, Pyo Gallery, Miami, US

2017 Daegu art fair, Hi life, Expo, Daegu, Korea

2017 Science Art 2017 ‘Carbon Free', Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju, Korea

2017 Busan Design Festival’, BEXCO, Busan, Korea

2017 Trace of Time, KIM TSCHANG-YEUL Art Museum, Jeju, Korea

2017 100 & Beyond, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2017 Art Paris Art fair, Grand Palais, Paris, France

2017 Sky TV ‘Atelier Story, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2017 Art Central, Gallery BK, Hong Kong

2017 LA Art Show, CMay gallery, Los Angeles, US

2017 Art Palm Springs, CMay gallery, Palm Springs Convention Center, California, US

2016 Art Palm Springs, CMay gallery, Los Angeles, US

2016 GANA Art Drawing, Gallery GANA, Seoul, Korea

2016 Ulsan Installation Art, Ulsan, Korea

2016 Opening Exhibition, K-Museum, Seoul, Korea

2016 Moskva Modern Art, ВВЦ Парк, Moscow, Russia

2016 Atelier STORY, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2016 Dark Matter, Shinsegae Boontheshop Chungdam, Seoul, Korea

2016 Arrordable Art Fair, Superstudio Più, Milan, Italy

2016 Art Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais, Paris, France

2015 Elementary, CMay gallery, Los Angeles, US

2015 A fine timber, Appleton Museum of Art’, Florida, US

2015 SPHERES 8, Galleria Continua les Moulins, Boissy-le-Chatel, France

2015 ASIA NOW, 313 Art Project, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France

2015 KIAF(Korea International Art Fair), 313 Art Project, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2015 Conrad Hotel Art fair, Chung Hak Dae  Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

2015 Drawn from nature, Asia Society Texas Center, Houston, US

2015 ESPRIT DIOR, DDP Plaza, Seoul, Korea

2015 Kim Chong Yung 100th Anniversary, Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul, Korea

2015 Corea-Italia Sculpture Exhibition 2015, Museo della Permanente di Milano, Milan, Italy

2015 Scope Basel, Scope Pavilion, Basel, Swiss

2015 ART BUSAN, BEXCO, Kim Jae Sun Gallery, Busan, Korea

2015 Urban Eco-3nd Vornado Art Fan Show, Gana Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2015 International Art Fair ‘ 15-G Seoul’, DDP Plaza,  Gallery BK, Seoul, Korea

2015 Brilliant memories, DDP Plaza, HYUNDAI MOTORS, Seoul, Korea

2014 Shanghai international Sculpture Biennale ‘City Paradise’, Jing’an Sculpture Park, Shanghai, China

2014 Colours of Hong Kong, Ara Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2014 TV gallery Paintian exhibition, Ara Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2014 Admiration of  White porcelain, Seoul Museum, Seoul, Korea

2014 Shanghai Xintiandi Comtemporary Public Art Exhibition, Shanghai Xintiandi Square, Shanghai, China

2014 Art Shanghai, Long Museum, Shanghai, China

2014 Umbra, Ethra Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico

2014 LA ARTSHOW, LA Convetion Center, Los Angeles, US

2014 New year’s gift, Superior gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014 Korean shape, Gallerie Paris-Beijing, Brussels, Belgium

2013 Small gift with happiness, Kim Jae Sun Gallery, Busan, Korea

2013 The Mirror & the Lamp, Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2013 MADE IN KOREA selected exhibition, SETEC, Seoul, Korea

2013 Art Miami, The Art Miami Pavilon-Zadok Gallery, Miami, US

2013 Woman, Laheen Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2013 Seoul Design Festival-‘Designer’s LAB, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2013 Journey in the book, Gallery Purple, Namyangju, Korea

2013 The LINE, DMZ, Paju, Korea

2013 Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai EXPO, Shanghai, China

2013 Spring of Flora, Esplanade, Singapore

2013 A Scene from a Memory, Ode to art, Singapore

2013 1st Biennale ‘Earth Harmony, Pyeongchang Alpensia resort, Pyeongchang, Korea

2013 Art Basel, gallery IHN, Hong Kong

2013 Primavera, Amway Museum, Seongnam, Korea

2013 A Scene From a Memory, Art Space Ben, Seoul, Korea

2013 K-sculpture: Korean sculpture in the world, Piazza Mino, Florence,  Italy

2013 2013 AREUM ZIGI charity bazaar, Horim Art center, Seoul, Korea

2013 Art Stage Singapore, Marina bay sands exhibition center, Singapore

2012 Strung out relationship, Zadok Gallery, Miami, US

2012 Molding language triple shapes triple color, Dosi gallery, Busan, Korea

2012 Illusion Space, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2012 COYAF, Kintex, Ilsan, Korea

2012 Art Asia, Coex, Seoul, Korea

2012 Power of inner mind, Soul Art Space, Busan, Korea

2012 Solid illusion part 2, Hankaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

2012 From cover to cover, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2012 Stone Land-Iksan International Stone Sculpture, Iksan, Korea

2012 Shanshui ● Man, LIG Art Space, Seoul, Korea

2012 K art star-Fastival of beauty, The Korean Economic Daily, Seoul, Korea

2012 Encounterance of Art on the street, Pohang, Korea

2012 Art KJ, Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju, Korea

2012 Virtue on the table, Museum of Ewha women University, Seoul, Korea

2012 KIAF(Korea International Art Fair), Coex, Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea

2012 Healing camp, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2012 Interesting things over the world, Yangpyeng art museum, Yangpyeong, Korea

2012 Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Chosun Hotel, Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea

2012 Artist’s chair, Jangheung Art park, Jangheung, Korea

2012 FN art selected exhibition-‘Solid Illusion’, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2012 2012 Black stone, Blackstone gallery, Icheon, Korea

2012 Korean Eye, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2012 There is nothing to discard, Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju, Korea

2012 Cross-Border, Gallerie Andress Thalmann, Zurich, Swiss

2012 Art Hong Kong, Gallery IHN, Hong Kong

2012 2012 AREUM ZIGI charity bazaar, Horim Art center, Seoul, Korea

2012 Story form shadow, Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Wanju, Korea

2012 Different meanings from similar forms, Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2012 Dubai Hotel Industry Exhibition, Dubai

2012 CIGE(China International Gallery Exposition), Beijing, China

2012 Sculpture is fun-2012 Seoul International Sculpture Festa, Seoul, Korea

2012 Small painting, Seoul Action, Seoul, Korea

2012 Korean Art Show, Art valley, New York, US

2012 Be My Valentine, LOTTE gallery, Seoul/Busan, , Korea

2011 Kunst 11 Zurich’, ABB Hall 550, Galerie Andres Thalmann, Switzerland

2011 Korean Eye, The Museum of Art and Design, New  York, US

2011 Leehwaik Gallery 10th anniversary exhibition with selected artists, Leehwaik Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011 Artist as Spectator & Spectator as Artist, Icheon International Sculpture Symposium, Icheon, Korea

2011 KIAF(Korea International Art Fair), Gallery Qualia, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2011 Asia Top gallery Hotel art fair, Hyatt Hotel with Leehwaik Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011 Small thing is beautiful, Art user, Seoul, Korea

2011 Moving art village, Nampo art museum, Goheung, Korea

2011 Verfremdung, Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju, Korea

2011 Sculpture in Mayfield, Mayfield hotel, Seoul, Korea

2011 Art & Play 2011 Kinetic Art, Hangaram Museum in Seoul Art Center, Korea

2011 Studio Party, FN Art Space, Seoul, Korea

2011 Basel Scope 11, Gallery KRAMPF, Basel, Swiss

2011 Oksun gallery opening exhibition ‘Artist _ Drop by Seohyen, Oksun gallery, Seongnam, Korea

2011 The ARTIST BRAND, GAMO Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011 Fund raising exhibition for earthquake disaster of Japan-‘Yes, I believe the hope!’, Gallery Woolim, Seoul, Korea

2011 C.Eye’ 2011 Yeoju International Ceramic Festival, Korea Ceramic Foundation, Yeoju, Korea

2011 The Earth in Blossom’ 41th Earth day anniversary, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea

2011 Cliopatra Clio Box-CLIO Cosmetic Art, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2011 International Sculpture Festa, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2011 Object of everyday life, Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang, Korea

2011 Salon de living art, Coex, Seoul, Korea

2011 In 脈’, Gallery Jireh, Paju, Korea

2011 Art stage Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Center, Singapore

2011 Beyond limits, Shinsegae Gallery, Busan, Korea

2010 Korea Tomorrow, SETEC, Seoul, Korea

2010 My Room my Atelier, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2010 Orbis interfashion-‘Incountro tra lusso e arte’, Cais gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010 Seoul Design Festival-‘Designer’s Lab’, Coex, Seoul, Korea

2010 Istanbul art fair-‘Scope’, Krampf Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

2010 Sulhwasoo-‘sulaim’, Gong gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010 The Seoul art exhibition-‘Korea contemporary sculpture’, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2010 G20 Seoul Summit celebration Exhibition for the Korean Fine Arts’, The National Assembly Library, Seoul, Korea

2010 Close Encounter’, Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju, Korea

2010 The Shape of  Time; From Micropolis to Metropolis, Jinnam Art and Culture Center, Yeosu, Korea

2010 KIAF(Korea International Art Fair), Gallery Qualia, COEX, Seoul, Korea

2010 Hotel Art Fair, Lee Hwa Ik Gallery, The Shilla, Seoul, Korea

2010 Basel Scope 10, Gallery KRAMPF, Basel, Swiss

2010 Arcades project, Interalia art company, Seoul, Korea

2010 Art of illusion, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, Korea

2010 MACO 10, Mexican International Contemporary Art Fair, Cetro Banamex, Mexico City, Mexico

2010 Art Dubai, SUN Contemporary, LEEHWAIK Gallery, Madinat Jumeirah, UAE

2010 SEOUL ART FAIR, Gallery IHN, Gallery BUNDO, Bexco, Busan, Korea

2009 Kim Chong Yung Prize, Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul, Korea

2009 Korea tomorrow, SETEC, Seoul, Korea

2009 Against the Sculptural: Three Dimensions of Uncertainty, Seoul Museum of Art Seoul, Seoul, Korea

2009 Daegu Art fair, Gallery Bundo, EXCO, Daegu, Korea

2009 Korean Eye-Moon Generation, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2009 Art fair Singapore, Gallery Leehwaik, Singapore

2009 Drawing Sculpture-Build House in the air, Soma Museum, Seoul, Korea

2009 KIAF(Korea International Art Fair), COEX, Gallery Ihn, Seoul, Korea

2009 Shanghai International Art Fair, Gallery Artside, Shanghai, China

2009 ‘A' la Yves Saint Laurent, Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea

2009 Basel Scope 09, Gallery KRAMPF, Basel, Swiss

2009 Chuangtzu and butterfly, Gallery Gana, Seoul, Korea

2009 Exciting Art, Gyeongnam Art Museum, Changwon, Korea

2009 Art Dubai, Gallery Sun Contemporary, Dubai

2009 Scope New York, Gallery KRAMPT, New York, US

2009 The still: Logical conversation, Gallery Hyundai Gangnam Space, Seoul, Korea

2009 International art fair ARCO ‘28. edi da Feira Internacional de Arte Contempor de Madrid colhe’, Gallery Jorge Shirley, Gana Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2008 Art Paris-Abu Dhabi, Gallery Sun Contemporary, Abu Dhabi

2008 KIAF(Korea International Art Fair), Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea

2008 Korean Group Show, Galerie von Braunbehrens, München, Germany

2008 Small forms great attitudes, Galleria Lawrence Rubin, Milan, Italy

2008 Busan Biennale, Expenditure, Busan, Korea

2008 XVII International Fair of Contemporary Art, Arte Santander, Gallery Jorge Shirley,  Santander, Spain

2008 Scope Basel, Gallery KRAMPT, Basel, Swiss

2008 Female Sensibility, Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea

2008 Let a thousand flowers, Gana Insa art center, Seoul, Korea

2008 Scope New York, Gallery KRAMPT, New York, US

2008 Living Design Fair, Coex, Seoul, Korea

2008 Art Dubai, Gallery Sun Contemporary, Dubai

2008 Seoul art fair, Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea

2007 Atelier artists exhibition, Gana Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2007 Scope Miami, Gallery KRAMPT, Roberto Clemente Park, Miami, US

2007 See & Visible, SAMTOH Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2007 ACAF NY(Asian contemporary art fair), Gallery K.O.N.G, Pier 92, New York, US

2007 3rd Lotte Art Fair, Gallery Lotte, Busan, Korea

2007 November Illusion-take six, Gallery Eugene, Seoul, Korea

2007 Art fair Singapore, Suntek, Singapore

2007 Seoul Art Fair, Hangaram museum, Seoul, Korea

2007 From C to Pop, Soheon Contemporary, Daegu, Korea

2007 Blue & White, Gallery K.O.N.G, Seoul, Korea

2007 My private collection, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2007 Art Chicago, Gallery Artside, Chicago, US

2007 International art fair ARCO '26. edi da Feira Internacional de Arte Contempor de Madrid colhe’, Gallery Jorge Shirley, Gana art Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2007 Tuning Boloni, Gallery Ming, Beijing, China

2007 Dancing Space, Gallery LIZ, Namyangju, Korea

2006 The way of viewing objects, Seoul museum of  art, Seoul, Korea

2006 Living Art Room, Lotte Gallery, Busan, Korea

2006 An imaginary house, Korea Design Center, Bundang, Korea

2006 Art and playing – Funsters 2006, Hangaram museum, Seoul, Korea

2006 International art fair ARCO ‘25.ª edição da Feira Internacional de Art Contemporânea de Madrid colhe’,  Gallery Jorge Shirley, Madrid, Spain

2006 KIAF(Korea International Art Fair), Gallery  Artside, Seoul, Korea

2006 Window Gallery, Gallery Artside, Seoul, Korea

2006 Shinsegae Artfair ‘Purple Cake’, Shinsegae, Seoul, Korea

2006 Navigate 2006, Daegu art center, Daegu, Korea

2006 Colectiva, Gallery Jorge Shirley, Lisbon, Portugal 

2005 Seoul art Fair, Gana art center, Hangaram Museum, Seoul, Korea

2005 Contemporânea de Madrid acolhe’, Gallery Jorge Shirley, Madrid, Spain

2005 Art LA, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Gallery Sabina,  Los Angeles, US

2005 Contemporary Art-Video and Installation, Daegu Arts Center, Daegu, Korea

2004 International art fair Lille, Galeria Arte & Manifesto, Lille, France

2004Art Seoul, Hangaram Museum in Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

2004 In door & out door, Gana art center, Seoul, Korea

2004 International art fair-‘Fiera de Arte Contemporanea Lisboa’, Galeria Arte &Manifesto, Lisbon, Portugal

2004 The new understanding of furniture, Insa art center, Seoul, Korea

2004 Sculpture of environment, Museum Pyeongtaekho, Pyeongtaek, Korea

2004 Positive Power, Gallery Sang, Seoul, Korea

2003 Should say not all Still life, Gana Art Crnter, Seoul, Korea

2003 International art fair-‘Fiera de Arte Contemporanea Lisboa’, Galeria Arte &Manifesto, Lisbon, Portugal

2003 International Installation Triennale-‘Man and Earth’, Haifa Museum, Israel

2003 The Junction of the East and the West,  Space Hajech, Milan, Italy

2003 4th Pohang Art Festival, Debec Gallery, Pohang, Korea

2003 Chung-Ang sculpture group exhibition, Chungang Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2003 Un lavoro regola d’arte, Societa Umantaria, Milan, Italy

2002 KIAF(Korea International Art Fair), Gallery Lawrence Rubin, Busan, Korea

2002 Rethinking : Space, Time, Architecture, Gallery Artinprogress, Berlin, Germany

2002 International contemporary art fair-‘Miart’, Gallery Lawrence Rubin, Milan, Italy

2002 Un lavoro regola d’arte, Villa Marazzi, Cesano Boscone, Italy

2002 Preghiera alla terra, Modern Art Museum Pagani, Castellnza Varese, Italy

2002 Corean artister, Gallery Hoepli, Milan, Italy

2002 Group show, Gallery Forni, Bologna, Italy

2001 Intersezioni oriente – occidente, Space Hajech, Milan, Italy

2001 Preghiera alla terra, Mseum Arengo del Broletto, Novara, Italy

2001 Scapiliati, Fiera di Milano, Milan, Italy

2001 Eera antichita, Eera, Milan, Italy

2001 Preghiera alla terra, Cascina Rapio, Vespolate, Novara, Italy

2001 Lampi grevi, Villa Glisenti, Villa Carcina, Brescia, Italy

2001 Biennale d'Arte Contemporanea ‘Duplex. Dall'identico al molteplice’, Museo dell' Immagine Postale, Belvedere Ostrense, Ancona, Italy

2001 Mito e materia, Borgo Medievale di Castelbasso, Teramo, Italy

2001 No human, Arsenale Thetis, Venice, Italy

2001 Group Show, Gallery Lawrence Rubin, Milan, Italy

2001 Naturarte, Arsenale Bortonico, Lodi, Italy

2001 Un lavoro a regola d'arte, Camera del lavoro, Milan, Italy

2001 International Contemporary Art Fair ‘Arte Fiera Bologna’, Gallery Lawrence Rubin, Bologna, Italy

2001 Percorsicontemporanei, Sala Pianta, Corsico, Italy

2000 Arte si parte, Faundation Sirssu, Lugano, Italy

2000 Installation Workshop ‘Percorsicontemporanei’, Corsico, Milan, Italy

2000 International Contemporary Art Fair ‘Arte Fiera Bologna’, Gallery Lawrence Rubin, Bologna, Italy

1999 Salon of Natural Artists, Musée national de l'Histoire naturelle, Paris, France

1999 5th International Workshop proposed by M.Pistoletto ‘passaggi a nord-ovest’ Biella, Italy

1999 4 scultori milanesi, Gallery Lawrence Rubin, Milan, Italy

1999 10th International Symposium ‘Nantopietra 99’, Nanto, Vicenza, Italy

1999 International Competition of Sculpture of Live ‘Water’, Meeting Center, Cuneo, Italy

1999 Corpo di guardia, Museum of Rocca dei Bentivoglio, Bazzano, Bologna, Italy

1999 Biennal of Sculpture, Villa Borromeo, Viggiu, Varese, Italy

1999 3th Stage of Sculpture, Grancona, Vicenza, Italy

1999 Angelo Tenchio, ex Monastro di Sant'Eufemia, Como, Italy

1998 Peiscopio 1998, Cascina Roma, San Donato Milanese, Milan, Italy

1998 Art to Eat - Eat to Art, Societa Umanitaria, Milan, Italy

1998 International Competition of Sculpture of Live ‘Tree’, Meeting Center, Cuneo, Italy

1998 Biennal of Sea, Palavela, Diano Marina, Italy

1998 Symposium IV, Workshop of Sculpture with black mable, Ormea, Italy

1998 Installation Workshop ‘Attaracchi’, Municipal Palace, Agrate Brianza, Milan, Italy

1998 Mantovani, Foundation Marco Mantovani, Milan, Italy

1998 Young Sculptor of Brera, Via Emiglia, Tortona, Italy

1997 Visual Rave, Societa Umanitaria, Milan, Italy

1997 Wella e l'arte, Wella Italy, Castiglione delle Steviere, Mantova, Italy

1997 Salon I, Gallery Invernizzi, Milan, Italy

1997 Wella e l'arte, Gallery Gio' Marconi, Milan, Italy

1997 Levis, Academy of Brera, Milan, Italy

1997 Menotrenta, Spazio Hajech, Milan, Italy

1996 San Carlo Borromeo, Museo Permanente, Milan, Italy

1996 Biennal of Sea, Palavela, Diano Marina, Italy

1996 Korean Artists in Italy, San Ginesio, Italy

1996 Salon I, Gallery Ammiraglio Acton, Milan, Italy

1996 Young Sculptor of Brera, Via Emilia, Tortona, Italy

1995 The Exhibition of Engraving, Anemoni, Milan, Italy



2006 9th Kimchongyung Sculpture Prize



DHC Indang Museum, Daegu

East Busan Theme Park Lotte World, Busan


Yongsan Trade Center, Seoul

Wood Square in Singapore, Singapore

LCT, Busan

Anseong Starfield, Anseong

Opus One Winery, California

Jeju Lotte Hotel, Jeju Island

Inchun Airport T1, Incheon


Hyundai Premium Oulets, Kimpo

Dong Suh Food, Seoul

The Murray, Hong Kong

Jing’An Sculpture Park, Shanghai

EO technics, Anyang


Bomun Parkview Xi, Seoul

SIGNIEL Hotel, Seoul

Ascott Marunouchi, Tokyo

KCC switzen, Namyangju

Time Square, Hong Kong

Amway Korea, Seoul

Sejong General Hospital, Incheon

NongSim Mega Mart, Ulsan

Housing Culture Center, Busan

Playce Hotel, Jeju

Lakai Sandpine Resort, Gangneung

Centras, Seoul

Shinsegae Department Store, Gimhae

Gyeonggi Girls' Commercial High School, Seoul

Mercedes-Benz, Seoul

Samsung Electronics Co. R&D Center, Seoul

Bernard Arnault LVMH group, Paris

Shinsegae Premium Oulets, Yeoju

Deutsche Bank, Seoul

Hotel Shilla 2006~2014 9th, Seoul

Shilla Duty free shop in Changi airport, Singapore

Novotel, Suwon

Woori Bank Dongdaemun Design Praza, Seoul

Chung-Ju Pruzio, Cheongju

Su-Won E-mart, Suwon

TROIKA Founder & Chief Executive Officer Dan Pappalardo, Los Angeles

Kerry center, Shanghai

GS Tower, Seoul

Urban Bench, Seoul

Yon-hap news Media center, Seoul

Hotel JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul, Seoul

Deheres Limited, Taipei

Restaurant mui-mui, Seoul

The players golf club, Chuncheon

Jinbao department store, Beijing

Shin-han Paribas, Seoul

The hotel Shilla 2006~2013 8th, Seoul

Bonte Museum, Jeju

Po-hang Museum of Art, Pohang

Shinsegae Department Store, Uijeongbu

LIG Life Building, Seoul

Korea Life Building, Guri

Island Resort Korea C.C, Daebudo

Galleria foret, Seoul

Sky valley C.C, Yeoju

LOTTE Department Store, Kimpo

Meritz fire, Busan

Sky Park, Kimpo Airport, Seoul

SINO International Plaza, Fuzhou

Sulwhasoo, Sulwha Museum, Seoul

Palace Hotel, Seoul

Dong-hwa duty free shop, Seoul

LOTTE Department store, Tianjin

Inno valley, Pangyo

Swire company, Hong Kong

Gallery Artside, Seoul

Sea side C.C, Kimpo

Home plus, Busan

Seoul Square, Seoul

Song do Posco, Incheon

Jinjeop Home plus, Namyangju

HAITAI Art Valley, Yangju

21ST building, Shanghai

Imok Museum of Art, Suncheon First college, Suncheon

Songdo Internation City, Incheon

Kolon, Bundang

France’s Faundation, Paris

Icheon Stadium, Icheon

Shinsegae Department store, Busan

Okά, Paris

Samsung Corporation, Seoul

Samtoh Company, Seoul

ARK Restaurants Corp. , New York

Namdaemun NTS District Office, Seoul

Ibiza Gran Hotel, Ibiza

Art Bank(National Museum of Korea), Seoul

Hyundai Card, Seoul

Kim Chong Yung Sculpture Museum, Seoul

Sejong Hospital, Bucheon

Oak Valley, WonJu

Jangheung Art Park museum, Jangheung

Lakewood C.C, YangJu

KUZ Plus Ferrari shop, Seoul

Shinsegae Boon The Shop, Seoul

Bain&co, Seoul

PKB Private Bank AG, Zurich

The Westin Chosun Hotel, Seoul

The hall of the March first independence movement, Anseong

Umberto Annelli (President of Group FIAT), Torino

Massimo Buffetti (President of Group Buffetti), Como

Claudio La Viola  (President of  Dasassociati), Milan

Christian Marinotti Edition, Milan

Gianni Vercellotti, Cuneo

Alesandro Siccardi, Milan

Julio Porro, Milan

Nanto City, Vicenza

Ormea City, etc